what do you think about all this fan sites closing? do you think it has some thing to do with bighits new rules?

First, let's respect whatever their decisions are. although it really saddened everyone but they have their own reasons. I am not in the position to say that yeah it has something to do with it, but who knows. Who knows they just closed and opened a new one? Or maybe they just changed from one member to another? Or maybe they moved to another or just simply, they moved on with their lives? Everyone has their own set of priorities, and closing doesnt necessarily mean that they no longer love nor support BTS. It is not like that. and they probably has gone through a lot of thinking before making this decision. and I know for sure that it is really takes one tough courage to close down. And like I've always said, it's just on who closes first and leaves.

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Honestly, thank you for all you do! It means a lot to see you taking time to talk to international fans and it's really sweet to see how much you love not just Namjoon & Bangtan, but also the other fans ^^ Just remember there is always quiet ones (like myself) supporting you in the shadows~ 화이팅~~!

you make me cry.......thank you so much for supporting Namjoon, BTS and me.....just know that you guys inspire me and motivate me to hold on....

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