Ask @RPMichaelJackson:

Why Is your intention with this account anyways

I honestly do not have any intentions.I just want to spread the love I've learned from an incredible man like Michael Jackson.The love he had for everyone inspired me to become a better person and I Intend to keep his legacy up and help the world become a better place and instead of all the hate I want to spread love.God bless you all 🙏

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Do you get hate?

I think there is not a person who does not go through hate in their life.I try to avoid it as much as possible and of course it brings me down sometimes but when i think of my family and achievements I've accomplished in my life,my mood lights up again.And i think everyone should do this.Don't just sit there and listen to the bad things people are going to say about you,what you want or think about yourself is what truly matters in your life.God bless you all 🙏✌️

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