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Why would you make the quest a popularity contest? It's basically whoever has the most friends. Esp cuz you're challenges tend to be luck-based or ones where people can gang up on the strongest player.

It is not necessarily a popularity contest as only those who are subjected to the vote are those who do not perform well in the challenge or in the second chance challenge (Fates Challenge). So people can get far by winning and never place themselves in the bottom. In addition, having a vote off and making elimination focus on relationships I felt were more important since I personally invited all the players to participate so there aren't really people who have never interacted with anyone in the game as they have all been on a season with at least one other competitor and how they work those relationships are important as in every game.

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Saw your all-star cast, what was the criteria to getting in? It's no Bobrocks, No Piddu/Shadow, No Jimboslice. How come? This cast has a ton of non-allstars (Leonine who always flops, Sarge who doesn't do good without the twins, Iceice who flops). Some of these people haven't even seen a final?

Some of those players either are no longer on Tengaged, were asked and declined or were asked/accepted/then had to drop out

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