Pls tell us about you, pls can u write down 10 facts for me 😘😘😘 pls you're gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you, take 11 instead ❤️
1. I sing all the time, I sing when I'm messed up, sad, happy plus I'm even good at it
2. I've got a resting bitch face all the time and I may seem aloof but once you get to know me I'm totally friendly and crazy
3. I'm myself all the the time, I don't fake it or anything even when I'm in front of guys
4. I love McDs, I can have it anytime and anywhere and however you give me
5. I'm good at expressing things, so I can write many things and go out of my way for your happiness, if you don't want me around I won't be around
6. I'm v awkward when it comes to compliments, so I'm like "oh okay" or "haha" but they mean a lot to me
7. I'm very clingy, weird and possessive like i hate sharing, be it my best friend or my man
8. I love my eyebrows and hair so I'm extremely careful when it comes to them, no kidding ya'll can even ask Dhwanika when a lady fucked my eyebrows and I was cribbing over it for 2-3 hours
9. I've got my 5 girls always backing up for me, I don't talk to many people I'll just be w them all the time and they know me inside out
10. I'm v punctual and I would want my people to be too, like I'll hit you w a brick if you're late or anything. I loose it
11. I've gone through a lot, so I am a good listener, I can listen to anything, be it your cribbing sessions, boy problems, how happy you are anything

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