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What topics or events do you think the News should focus more on?

Political coverage of developments in the Middle East

Give me your best advice on life

Be the best version of yourself and achieve anything and everything you set your heart on, while staying rooted in the Love of God.

Have you ever thought about going somewhere where nobody knows you and starting a new life?

Many tines

What if everyone against you ?

So long as you are true to yourself, persist in pursuing the best version of you and your dreams. Not everyone matters. What matters most is u.

Which mean more to you: Kind words or Kind actions?

Kind actions, but there must also be a healthy level of kind words because what we perceive of as ourselves doing something kind for another can often be misperceived due to miscommunication.

What do you think it's the biggest lie to believe?

That anything lasts. Nothing was made to truly last. Not your body, deeds, legacy, possessions etc. Nothing. However, while it doesnt last, it should be our duty to live an exemplary life for others to benefit from, such as via imbibing our positive qualities and traits etc

Have you ever been dated simply based on your looks/physical appearance?

No, and supposing such a thing were to even happen I would be the one to stop it because I believe in getting to know a person's character and personality first before simply jumping into smth more concrete.

What opinion/idea to give a guy to find a gf when he is single all his life?

Come to India and get arranged marriage. Don't ask for dowry though.

I like a guy but our age gap is like 9years.. He is 29 while I'm 20... Any advice? No hate comments thanks

Take things slow and steady.

any advice for someone who has problems making and keeping friends?

Read and listen. Reading acquaints you with many different topics and spheres of learning and human experiences, while mastering the art of listening allows one to effectively develop and exude empathy with others, thereby building greater rapport with people.

Someone keeps sending anonymous question saying he wants to get to know me but he goes missing... is it im not good enough?

Nigga go and do smth with yr life la dey hahahaha

Would you rather be a worried genius or a happy simpleton?

Worried genius.
"It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, is of a different opinion, it is only because they only know their own side of the question." Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill

~ i have a crush for my own bestfriend but he deosnt know about it so, should i ket him know or just keep quiet? Hmm :/

Talk to him confidently and be honest, but let him know you do not want to lose the beautiful friendship you already have, then see how it goes.

If you see someone bully someone else will you ignore or report it?

I'll probably deal with it on the spot but see if reporting can make things better or not.

Will you pay $150 for a t shirt? Like bathing ape, aape, kenzo etc..

Never ever. Dont go broke trying to look rich.


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