Ask @RabaKhan:

What's the smartest thing you have done?

Once back in 5th grade there was an essay competition going on in school and the topic was 'your favourite person' and I knew who was gonna check the papers and her father had recently passed away soooooo i wrote about my father. And yeaah.. I won. And yeaaaah... I know I'm going to hell for this but it was pretty cool and my dad is my FAVOURITE person anyway soo

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Hii Raba apuuu! I really love you seriously you are just not like those other girls who always look arrogant and have a face like "I am better than you" you are sooo different but in a positive way! and I wanna marry your brother proposal kothai pathabo? :P and apu tumi 16 na please tell the truth

Hii apu ❤️ amar omon face hobe kemne, fokinni toh lol. Amar bhai o ekta kamla so I'd suggest biye na koro. Also sorry apu, the truth really is that I'm 16! #Chutu

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