Ask @RabaKhan:

Likers get a %?

Uh, yeah okay.
1% = OMG
2% = Fuck off !
3% = Oh my word -.-.
4% = Hahahahahaha :D
5% = You are not serious are you ?
6% = Shit you are ugly.
7% = I am not gonna say anything...
8% = Fugly face
9%= Oh oh oh looking bad !
10% = I would never go out like that.
11% = What do you think by walking around like this?
12% = You can`t be serious.
13% = Pleeease change ur looks
14% = Maybe next time
15% = You better look more often in the mirror to see how ugly you are
16% = Go hang urself!
17% = Looks awful.
18% = Difficult with you...
19% = Mhhh....
20% = Ugly.
21% = Look at you :D
22% = Look in the mirror then you know why you only have 22 % :D
23% = There is no hope for you...
24% = Shit still doesn`t look good !
25% = What could be the problem ?
50% = Middle-rate
75% = Goooood
76% = Well not too bad
77% = Good good
78% = I would meet up with you
79% = Okay
80% = Not bad!
81% = Nice looks:)
82% = Beautiful :*
83% = You look nice ((:
84% = Pretty
85% = I like it a lot :)
86% = Oh lala (:
87% = Really pretty :***
88% = OMG :o <3
89% = Just good looking (:
90% = Really really pretty ((((:
91% = More than just pretty :o
92% = Extremly pretty :o ♥
93% = Oh wow look at you! (:
94% = Model
95% =Wow! *_*
96% =Perfection :3
98% = Who is the prettiest in the whole country ? You! :O
99=Gorgeous in the buidling ;)
100%-I want to marry youu xoxo

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<3 Likers = Colours?

Red- I like you.
Purple - I’d date you.
White - I love you.
Pink - please get away from me
Yellow - You’re a cheerful person
Sky blue - I miss you.
Blue - your cool.
Lilac - You’re good looking
Brown - I dont like you at all!!
Green - I envy you
Black - emo ♥
Magenta- You're attractive.
Lavender - i bet you smell good! :p
Orange - your cute!! ^.^
Gray - you seem nice.
hot pink - your hot.
cherry - I like your personality.

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likers get chummah from you bby?

Likers get a genuine SUPER HONEST conversation starter.
I'm doing this for my own good. I need friends.
If I like you, I could simply flash out my digits and be like call me maybe? Ok no. But I'll start the conversation then we take it to any other social networking site then maybe the real world. Damn, we wouldn't be able to send links in the real world. :O

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What's something every teen should know?

-Smoking doesn't make you cool. Tomake shundor o laage nah. Erokom korle aar hOt cHiX paowa laagbe nah.
-Everyone knows you check-in at Westin from home.
-Porashona ta thik rekhe, joto iccha YOLO marka jinish koro. Keu kichu bolbe nah.
-Don't leave your house getting all pissed. Everyone knows you'll return when you're broke and miss Ammu's ranna.
-Don't say that 'likes' don't matter to you and that they aren't any real life points. 'cause at the end of the day, you're the one counting the likes including the names. "46.. aar x & z. Ohh. 48 likes!"
-#stonerforlife #high #rollup #buzzed #baked #stoned #instaweed #420 #maryjane. These hashtags will not get you more followers, sToNeR boii.
-7 billion people in the world. Why can't you find another person of the opposite sex to love? Heck, Find someone of the same gender! You're spoiled anyway.
-Tomar swag er percentage biodata te ashbe nah. Jeta ashbe, shetar jonno hardwork koro.

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likers get sth newwww????

This seems interesting! Hit it ;) -> Like and I'll do whatever your name starts with.
A: Would i get a crush on you?
B: First Impression
C: Rate
D: Dare
E: Best Feature
F: We Should...
G: Tbh
H: I'll like 5 of your answers.
I: Cuteness rating.
J: Would I Marry You?
K: Date or pass?
L: One question.
M: Swag rate
N: Would I ask you out?
O: P: Do I want to know you better?
P: A word about you.
Q: How Old Do You Look?
R: date/diss
S: Cute or not?
T: Me + You = _____
U: Random pickup line
V: First Thing I Would Do If I Saw You
W: compliment
X: Kiss Or Miss
Y: bio rate
Z: I wish we were/could be ____

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what is "kamla" n "kamli" ??

"Kamla" actually means - someone who works alot. Normal Bengalis called the construction workers kamla but now the teenagers refer it as tacky/low-class and khaet. Example : "Oi meyetar boyfriend ta pura kamla ekta.." maybe because he has a normal haircut and has less than 100 likes on his profile picture.
And, "kamli" just means Katrina Kaif.

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