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Motorway incident?! ?

Woman getting gang raped on the motorway is absolutely terrifying, furthermore it was done infront of her kids. Imagine that they will live with this trauma their WHOLE life. Next time when someone says, “Women are very SAFE in Pakistan”, make sure you give them a SHUT UP call! Justice? Lol we all know what JUSTICE means here! Keh do ke abh “Aurat” ka libaas theek nahi tha... Shame on us, DISGUSTED!
Completely BARBARIC!
These inhumane creatures need to be publicly hanged and punished to death. There is NO other alternative.
(If you dont support the public hanging of rapists then im sorry, you’re as pathetic as those rapists!!!)

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Larka means Boy. I know you Married. Wheather he is Man or not definately he is a not Boy. So thats why above anon may be saying about searching a Boy for you one who Loves you like your a

Wtf do you mean by "if he's a man or not?" It can not be a girl I'm sure or a pathetic loser as yourself. It's because people like you I've lost hope in humanity we can not be called decent people as decency is concerned with morality, i don't even know if you're even a muslim or not but if you're you should be ashamed of your pathetic self

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+2 answers in: “Apke ? liye larka dhondo ?”

It seems you are not hung up here on most time of the day or night like some others users do here but you only come here for few minutes now and then in a daily basis to answer couple of questions. Are you a busy person? Aap karti kya ho?

Well someone is a keen observer I really am busy in my life I visit ask just for the sake of entertainment, well obviously there's no point for me being here but still I manage somehow to waste my time on this shitty app.

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Few words for those who send disgusting or perverted questions? ?

If you are a pervert, or a domestic abuser, than you are definitely a man who just got so so much angered and seduced by ofcourse A woman. (ghalti aurat ki thi)
Or maybe you didn’t have the intention to ‘abuse or harass a woman’,
& yes of course you didn’t mean to ‘HIT her’ (again, Ghalti aurat ki thi)
Maybe there is another side to the damn screwed story! (Ofcourse ghlti aurat ki hi hogi)
God! This patriarchy system around us is killing so many people,
sometimes in the name of honour,
sometimes in the name of bearing a Girl.

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