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HE CAN STEM...If you are a man in STEM we will support you. Do not let feminists scare you out of STEM.

Dear Sirs:
Don't let ANYONE scare you out of STEM - and don't be a misogynistic cockgoblin, either. In this field, nobody works by using their genitals- those professionals are called prostitutes/hookers/callngirls/escorts, and that line of work, I must admit, is almost entirely dominated by women. But in STEM we use our brains; anyone using their head for something besides a hat tack wants their team made up of the best and brightest, and chesticle vs. testicle is irrelevant. Hell, I don't care if you have 17 nipples, elephantiasis, or if you have a wiffle ball bat for a penis. If you're gonna be an asset to our team, I want you. And anyone who isn't an asshole, a moron or both will feel the same way.
To anyone who has their heart set on a STEM education and career, Don't let anyone dissuade you, be they man, woman, or gender-nonconforming. And remember: any woman who gives you shit is a hypocrite, and any man who does is trying to compensate for his lower IQ/GPA and/or smaller penis.

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What age does someone have to be for you to personally consider them old?

Shenzo ❤ Sho
To me, a person's chronological age has nothing to do with them being 'old' other than how they think about it. My great-grandmother still climbed trees and helped me execute elaborate practical jokes on our family at 76 years of age. My father gave up on life in his 50's, taking up have drinking, prescription drug abuse, hermitism, and was dead at 67-, a shell of the drill instructor who raised me. My Uncle Harold lived in his own independent living apartment until he was 96, trying to grab the ass of every health aide that came to check on him stealing stories about squurrel hunting with my mom 30 years earlier. I'm in my early 40's but still give kiddie valentines to coworkers, swan dive into a ball pit, and was more stoked about Disneyland than my kids. Now, when I wake up in the morning, my back insists that I'm a senior citizen-but my brain usually thinks we're somewhere between 25 and 5 years old. I hope I NEVER get old.

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Should we forgive our enemies? Why/why not?

I believe you should, but not because it's what Jesus would do. It's because hatred and resentment and old wounds that you hold on to don't hurt the ones who hurt you at all- but they damn sure eat YOU alive. You'll never have a shot at real peace until you let go of all that crap - you forgive your enemies in order to set your own heart free.

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The whole female mammary gland should be covered. Men must cover the entire penis and scrotum. Also women are very rarely arrested for indecent exposure in America. Give me 10 cases of women arrested in past 50 years.

As such, the female equivalent to men covering their scrotum and punishment is covering the labia and clitoris. The reason most criminal charges involve females reporting males is because women don't run around waving their vaginas at strangers. That seems to be a predominantly male phenomenon.

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What's the best way to apologize?

The most meaningful way, imho, is to speak to the person who's been wronged face-to-face, and one-on-one, if possible. Acknowledge what you did to wrong them and make no excuses or attempts to rationalize - if anything, acknowledge that there is no valid excuse/rational that could make your actions just, fair, or kind. Acknowledge the fact that your actions hurt them, and rightfully so. Let them know that they have every right to tell you to kick rocks regardless of what you may say, and that although it would pain you to potentially lose them, that you'd have to accept it as the consequences of your behavior. And then offer a sincere apology from your heart, one that you've put serious thought into. Let them know that it's important to you to apologize, and that you expect nothing in return nor assume it negates your failure - but that the care and concern for them in your heart would never let you rest until you admitted your wrong. Then tell them how you care for them, and tell them that you'll now be on your way and leave them to decide how the two of you might move forward, if you will, and to reach out to you if and when they see fit.

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Should men call the police on women who wear revealing clothing ?

What kind of ridiculous question is, they shouldn't. But even if they wanna be meddling douchenozzles, they'd be wasting their time; as long as the nipples and genitals are covered, they're not breaking the law.
And if I were a woman reported for such an offense, I'd find out my options for pressing charges against that man for filing a false report, have an army of online social justice warriors on every social media account he's ever had- let them find his employer and put them on the spot, then see how long he still works there-and then sue the cockgoblin in civil court for sexual harassment, defamation, anything I could get away with - I'd go after punitive damages, pain and suffering, Lifelong therapy costs, lost wages, damages for my family for the trauma they'd suffer throughout this ordeal, legal fees...I'd bill that asshole for my parking at the courthouse. I would make it my life's mission to destroy him- And I have a healthy sense of vengeance.

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