Should men call the police on women who wear revealing clothing ?

What kind of ridiculous question is, they shouldn't. But even if they wanna be meddling douchenozzles, they'd be wasting their time; as long as the nipples and genitals are covered, they're not breaking the law.
And if I were a woman reported for such an offense, I'd find out my options for pressing charges against that man for filing a false report, have an army of online social justice warriors on every social media account he's ever had- let them find his employer and put them on the spot, then see how long he still works there-and then sue the cockgoblin in civil court for sexual harassment, defamation, anything I could get away with - I'd go after punitive damages, pain and suffering, Lifelong therapy costs, lost wages, damages for my family for the trauma they'd suffer throughout this ordeal, legal fees...I'd bill that asshole for my parking at the courthouse. I would make it my life's mission to destroy him- And I have a healthy sense of vengeance.

The whole female mammary gland should be covered. Men must cover the entire penis and scrotum. Also women are very rarely arrested for indecent exposure in America. Give me 10 cases of women arrested in past 50 years.

As such, the female equivalent to men covering their scrotum and punishment is covering the labia and clitoris. The reason most criminal charges involve females reporting males is because women don't run around waving their vaginas at strangers. That seems to be a predominantly male phenomenon.