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Hi sweetheart! I need your advice. I’m a 20 y/o AFRICAN man, I live in Cali. A GORGEOUS WHITE GIRL (19) at my university saw my tribal marks and ASKED ME “what if me and you got married and had a BABY, would you do that baby”? Why do you think she said that? Was she flirting? What should I do?

I can't say with absolute certainty, but I don't get the impression that she was flirting; my feeling was that she was trying to paint your tribal markings (and likely the traditions/customs/culture of your tribe, in general) in a negative light. Again, it's hard to say without hearing her tone when she said this, but it comes off to me as trying to denigrate the practice of marking, and to associate children you might have with a white American woman as potentially spared the savage practice as opposed to children you might have with someone from your own tribe who might be expected to participate in that practice. The traditional cultural practices lod your tribe, how you've taken part in them, and how you imagine your future children potentially taking part in them are all deeply personal matters -and something that shouldn't be randomly foisted at you by a virtual stranger in polite conversation. Her comments to you were intrusive and rude, and that's most definitely not how you flirt with someone.

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What is your attitude towards hunting?

I think that hunting is great- if a few simple guidelines are met:
1) No threatened or endangered animals are hunted, unless issued a permit as part of a sanctioned culling organized to maintain the health and wrll-being of the remaining population.
2) No hunting solely for trophies. You should make use of the entire animal; if you won't use the meat, you should be required to find an organizer to which you can donate it.
3) No use of poisons, devices intended to restrain the animal while it's killed, to drive the animal out into the open, or which can indiscriminately kill other animals nearby.
4) All hunters should be incensed and hold a permit for the animal they're hunting.
5) No animals should be taken within their own den/nesting site.
6) Only mature animals should be taken.

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What is your opinion should stem cells be used for researcher/cures?

As someone whose degree is in Cell and Molecular Biology, with a heavy emphasis in biotechnology, I'm an ardent supporter of using stem cells in research and treatment. Stem cells are a Holy Grail level tool in research and in the treatments of some cancers and other particularly aggressive/nonresponsive diseases. I'm not sure if most people understand the power of stem cells - the ones that are of greatest use are what we call pluripotent, meaning that they're undifferentiated. Kinda like kids, they haven't decided what they wanna be when they grow up-and they can be anything they wanna be. When we insert them into an area of the body, they take on the identity of the cells that tjen surround them: they can be cardiac cells, muscle cells, goblet cells, epidermal cells -literally ANYTHING. That allows for endless possibilities. AND despite what you may have heard from the ignorant media and masses, they CAN be ethically sourced. In fact, one very plentiful source is actually human adipose cells-AKA fat. A single liposuction procedure could provide an enormous supply of stem cells instead of disposing of the removed fat as biological waste.

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10?! Oh my gosh, that's amazing! How do you feel about people who paint pumpkins instead of carving? Would you/have you ever painted pumpkins?

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Courtney ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
I've never painted pumpkins, just because I'm all that great at painting, lol...but I'd give it a shot, sure! They might keep better that way, too, instead of me getting burnt bc I can't find room to jam a 4th pumpkin into my fridge to keep it from wilting!

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