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You are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. You seem like an amazing girl. I really wish I was able to be friends with you. You are an angel. Your beauty is unmatched. You are flawless. Your eyes make me smile. Your smile brightens up the day. You are perfect in every way. ❤

harshrami’s Profile PhotoHarsh Rami
Awww this is really sweet. Thank you! :)

what is your major flaw and how do you aim to change it?

is this a joke? I'm a WALKING FLAW. :))))) I don't have a major flaw because i am a walking flaw. I just accept my flaws and learn to live with them. Confidence is key. lol

ano yung past?

long story eh. basta maraming may ayaw sakin. kaya i really don't like people. bastaaaa yun na yun. :))

Favorite local band?

MYMP. ung si juris pa ung lead vocalist. wait. so wala na kong favorite local band pala.

Pinapansin mo ba ung mga taong ayaw mo?

oo pero as much as possible iniiwasan ko sila. umiiwas ako sa mga tao kasi. uhm. basta. haha. past is past. lol

What song cheers you up? Post the music video for it!

kahit anong song ni David Archuleta or 5 Seconds of Summer masaya na ako :)

Sino na yung senior sister at president ng cfad?

yung president si PARTS ko :( 2nd term po siya. sad face kasi possessive ako. JOKE. hahahaha.
Yung senior sister, irereveal ko sa facebook kung di pa alam ng karamihan para dramatic. ;)
beato po, di lang cfad :))
sino 'to? :D

you cut your hair?!?! WHY

YES :( BUT I'M ACTUALLY LIKING IT SHORT. I'll explain everything on my blog soon. (:

do u know any famous ppl?

I met David Archuleta several times.
I danced for David Archuleta once.
I danced for Michael Christian Martinez (Filipino Olympic figure skater) once.
I met Michael Martinez twice.
I hugged Ivan Dorshner. He remembers me as an artist.
I met the Younghusbands.
I met a lot of world-known designers and artists.
I met a lot of famous people.

Find what makes you happy and hold on to it.

But so many passions/things make me happy and most of the time, it's hard to hold on to it.

Thank you for being so strong.

We only have one chance to live this life so better hold on to it. :)


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