Ask @Raichu_thecoal:

Things about John:

He loves to Destroy things, unless he's trying to act like a good kid. (NO, HE'S NOT EVIL!)... He Prefers being Around Rai, mainly because Rai is the Middle Sibling and He isn't FULLY mature(Just like me IRL!) yet. He does Love his sister, Maria, but She's A bit MORE MATURE than Rai. Ummm Anything else? (I don't think so, I can't think of Anything else.)

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Me: you could use Paint tool sai

White hat (the Doom king)
I DO have a laptop but 1 Problem, which I already Fixed is the screen, it wont show up . So i use my TV as my laptop screen... But problem #2 I dunno how to fix.. Its stuck on Windows 7 because before I ran into problems with Windows 10, windows 7 isn't the problem. The problem is... Its stuck in a black screen in which the curser is visible but Unmovable and there's this text:
Windows 7
"Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine." I have tried Almost EVERYTHING I think SO I NEED HELP!)

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