Ask @Raito_sama:

How long was the longest essay / paper you've had to write for school / uni etc.? How was it to write that? What did you do to push yourself through it? 📝💻

I wrote two for uni with about 36 pages but there might be another with more pages but cant remember rn
I need pressure to finish something. Ya could give me probably 1 year to finish something and I'd do it 1 week before the deadline haha.

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I'm here for tou if you need to talk about it, and I'll always keep you in my duaas 💜 Love you gurl ✨

|] Weirdonine |]
Thanks my dear! I really appreciate that. I'm not that kind of person that talks about stuff like this bcuz i guess I never really could haha. But thank you! I will if i really feel like talking to someone 💕
Same here gurl 💜 you are in my duas too 😘 love u too haha 😂❤

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+2 answers in: “hii, how are u feeling today? i’m here to let u know i’m following u right now. can u follow me back? i hope everything’s alright with u and ur loved ones. stay safe 💘”