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Talk about a lovely memory you have 🥰

Alright so that happened 3 years ago. At that time i was studying in Salzburg and I was sitting in the train on my way home. So there was this family, they were refugees, i dont know where they were from but they were dark skinned. Anyway, the woman was going around all the time carrying her little kid in one hand and a huge suitcase or something similar in the other hand. Ik they were muslims cuz the woman was wearing a hijab. So I was sitting on my seat and she passed by me ig two or three times. And i was smiling at her cuz I wanted to be nice ¯\_(ツ)_ /¯ smiling is sadaqah 🤪
Then suddenly she started talking to me and ofc i didnt understand a word. AND THEN SHE JUST GAVE ME HER LITTLE DAUGHTER. i was like wth is going on. I took her and was sitting there with this little kiddo trying to keep her calm so she wont cry. And the other ppl were looking at me like what was that rn?? I understood that she just wanted my help, i should look after her little girl for some minutes. That girl was maybe 2 years old or maybe even younger and SHE WAS SO CUTE mashaaAllah, Allahumma Barik.
Honestly i started getting nervous, minutes passed i was still holding that kid and there was no mom 🙃. But then she came and took her little girl. I am not sure but i think she asked me if I was turkish or arab, i told her i am not and blabal.
Yeah well she said thanks and went away. For me it‘s a really lovely memory. I didnt know her, neither she knew me but she trusted me just like that. Idk but that kinda made me feel good. I hope she and her family are alright 😊

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u really got it tough han :( well its kind of the same with me... but my relation with my mom is amazing now... she understood finally what i was trying to say all these years about my father, now we're both together against his.... yk... and that sums up how my father is,

OsamaShakoor’s Profile PhotoAwwsama
Ig we both got it tough. Well at least we have our moms 🌺
Well it‘s pretty difficult sometimes to communicate with parents. Especially when u are a teenager/young adult. Both have often a different point of view and it’s not always easy to understand each other.
Are you sad bcuz you dont have a good relationship with you dad? Idk as I said for me it’s sometimes like he does not even exist. My parent got divorced when i was about 9 and since then he didnt have an important role in my life. I mean yeah he is my dad and ofc he is important, but he was never there. And even now he is not. It‘s me who calls him or visit him. Idk sometimes it feels like he does not care. And it‘s fine. I got my own life, i have my mom, my siblings .. Alhamdulillah. But sometimes I am sad. I see some of my friends having a good relationship with their dads and I am happy for them. Ig i wish I had/have that too. My dad isnt the best dad, he made a lot of mistakes, a lot. But I forgave him (ok probably not everything). But am not mad at him or anything. Things happened, they cant be undone. I just can learn from other‘s mistake and try to be better.

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How is your relationship with your parents?

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My relationship with my mom got better through the years. It was a really difficult time, we had a lot of arguments. She had to change and me too. Now we have a good relationship Alhamdulillah. Ofc we are still fighting sometimes but ig that‘s totally normal.
And my dad, well. What i have with my dad cant be really called a relationship lol. Since my parents got divorced the contact between us started to be less. Now I call him sometimes and visit him every 2 or 3 months. But that‘s it. Nothing special tbh. It often feels like i dont even have a dad. But whatever ¯\_(ツ)_ /¯ it iz what it izz

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