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Actually, I wonder how much I did or will be able do in the future for my country, I'm a very self absorbed person. But honestly, I'd love to contribute even if a little, not just as an engineer but as a responsible citizen of my country. Thanks for reminding me that I have big responsibilities.

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A lot of people struggle with sleep coz sleep requires peace:) I felt that.have you ever felt the same?

When I first entered the university ....Dr. X told me & my class mate's that , when ever get a glimpse of time please shut your eyes and stop thinking.....I had a huge problem with sleeping when I was in 8th standard , I had to go to a doctor fix it(Some what)....I am a engineer with 2 degrees completing my third (B.Sc Engineering EEE) . Sometimes I had to work 18hours a day everyday in week sleeping problem do arise in life ....
But I get over with it time fixes for me..

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যখন কোন সন্তান তার বাবা মায়ের গায়ে হাত তুলে তখন সেই সন্তানকে কি করা উচিৎ?

First of all don't ask such stupid questions
.......with out no reason there should be no malice towards anybody......
Incase of "Parents" .............if we think about it .....there is no answer , cause I have seen enough to not to get on to a answer . I suggest you to see and know your surroundings more & be careful what you ask.

আবেগ এবং বিবেক এর মধ্যে তুমি কোনটাকে বেশী প্রায়োরিটি দাও?

Emotions was the most important thing in my life , I never used my conscience to do anything that will support my life....but now I care about conscience very very much now......
I am 21 I don't know what else to express....they say, "The greatest conscience brings out the finest emotions".....