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I know you took a break from streaming but is there any chance you are gonna stream soon. Like even GTA?

I don't really find streaming entertaining as much as I did before, but I might.
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Is it hard for you to never see your parents or siblings? Do you know when you are going to see then next?

if I think about it I get sad and really need them, but I've gotten used to dealing with it and I don't know when I'll see them again

are you going to any concerts or anything soon

I've never been interested in a band/singer enough to go to one of their concerts. I never really like things enough to become a "fan" or what not, I just enjoy music and keep it there, don't care about artist's private lives and things like that. I see a lot of people who are addicted or obsessed with bands or singers even youtubers, I don't know if I'm weird or something lol.
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zack aka pokediger and the loml aka my babydaddy aka the reason im obsessed with the 100 aka my boyfriend aka ur friend aka this doesnt make sense cool

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