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I'm 16, I found out I was pregnant Sunday. I went to the doctor today because I wanted to make sure I was really pregnant before I told anyone. I told my grandma, But i have no idea how to tell my mom. She's very religious and will be the hardest to take it. Any advice?

The best way to tell her is face to face. She will flip out but when she does act very mature and do not flip out back or raise your voice. The best thing is to show her you will be mature about the situation. I made the mistake of texting my mom telling her and it made it so much worse. If you need anything I am here for you and I am just a message away !

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What's it like being pregnant is it different from not being pregnant ?

Well yea lol. There's a lot of things you can't do. You gain a whole bunch of weight . You have another human moving inside you it's very different . But it's the most amazing experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world

How did your parents take the news?

They were not very happy. And they were shocked and upset and angry. All different emotions . But luckily I have amazing parents who support me along with my boyfriend . They eventually got over it.


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