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انتي انفصالية ؟


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اي الحيوانات تحبي ؟

baby tiger♡ - dogs - cats

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انتي من عدن

لا من يافع

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Are you ready?

for what ?

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What's your biggest phobia?

Insects especially spiders

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happy birthday ranaa

thank u -.-

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Who is your most attractive friend?

akeed dana @DKALSHEMMRY

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what's the color of the dress ?

balck and blue

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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?

rich and famous :)

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رحــم والــديـك يـامـصـلـي عـلـى الــنــبـي


اللهم صلي و سلم على سيدنا محمد

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Its ok my dear i understand thnx a lit ;)))

Ur welcom ;)

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Rania huni i am a girl :) that account @hussain_ohag is faking this person @hussainohag y3ni mont7el sh59yto w ysob llnas ;) so i helped him nd asked ppl to report ;)

Ohh sorry i thought that person was asking us to report u cuz alot of people was asking me to report ur account , sorry :). and yah i will

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Plz ppl report this account b3d ethnkom :) @hussain_ohag

Laish ?

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اللهم انا لا نسالك رد القضاء و لكننا نسالك اللطف فيه فرج هم كل مهموم و يسر على كل ذي حال حاله اللهم اختارلنا ولا تخيرنا انك تعلم مالا لنا يقين به اميييييين

اللهم اميين

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Post a picture of your dream car!

What are you listening to right now?

Kids screams -_-

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hhhaa i will and i won't show my name

Have a life -_-

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رنوش غيرتي رقمك حق الكويت ؟


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صلّوا على من كان يحمل هموم البشرية كلها، رغم ذلك كان مبتسمًا دائمًا .. صلى الله عليه وسلم


اللهم صلى و سلم على سيدنا محمد

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Who is the funniest comedian?

akeed adel emam :)

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i was with u in alha'9ara . but i'm not telling u :)

ast'3ferallah . just stop asking me if u won't show ur name .

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i sow u yesterday .

really where and who is it ??

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yaf3eya . 17 . living in kuwait