Ask @Randompersonthatyouaskquestions:

1)Who was the last dialogue with? ✨ 2) Who is your first friend? ?? 4) Do you have many friends? ? 5) Favorite song? ? 6) Favorite movie? ? 7) Currently in love? ? 8) Favorite season of the year? ? 9) Do you dance? ? 10) Favorite fruit? ? Share this to everyone you are following

1)I honestly don't remember 2)first friend would have to be an online one who I found out killed herself last April 3)no,not really? 4)"Lullaby for a princess" because it makes me think of someone I wasn't overly close to,but miss so so much 5)Don't have one 6)oof I think so,but it might just be cause we have so much in common and stuff 7)Spring or Winter 8)Hell no 9)Don't have one,love them all equally and no,probably not gonna share this to everyone I'm following haha sorry

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How do you usually express your emotions?

Depends on which ones we're talking about. The happier side of my emotions are always seen,they've been what's made up most of my personality at first glance. But the depressing side of my emotions is my personality when you really get to know me. You won't see this side at all unless I really really really care about you

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