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What headphones do you use?

Host @trekkieb47 uses POLK brand headphones for podcasting and editing.

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how do you all feel about ASJs newest facebook live video and the new autograph rules he has

This became the topic for our newest episode!

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What are the top three tips you would give newbie toy collectors based on your experience collecting?

Which season handle it's "green with evil" aka evil ranger saga best? Are we overdue for another evil ranger storyline? Can we get commentaries on some "evil ranger" episodes? Keep up the great work.

What would have made spd better?

Which season actors do you think are the most successful after their power rangers season ended?

What would your idea be for a forever red 2?

What new would you like to see new at the next PMC?

What is it with power rangers merchandise that people want to scam other people for?

Who had the best morph call and morphing sequence?

Whoses the number one person you want to meet from the show but haven't yet?

Do you think that there are casualties during zord battles in the city?

¿Que esperas de la nueva pelicula de Power Rangers?

¡Respondimos a estas preguntas en el episodio 91! Http://

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What should people do about the mmpr fan film?

With ninja steel having the 25th anniversary next year and rumors of past rangers coming back how would you want to see it and who would you bring back?

What your Favorite fight in which the Power Rangers lost? Mine to this day has to be the Rangers 1st fight with Rito Repulsa. Just for the moment of lost of losing most the Original Dino Zords (+White Tiger) and establishing Rito as a real threat before becoming a joke character.


How do you think power rangers would have been if Brad Hawkins stayed as the white Ranger or even if he was the gold ranger?

We answered this question in episode 85 of our show!

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Are their any cons you guys plan to attend this year in 2017?

We answered this question in episode 85 of our show!

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Would you like to see a MMPR live season based on the boom comics?

We answered this question in episode 85 of our show!

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You been tasked with making the next season of Power Rangers. Catch is you have to make it using footage and costumes from either Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Drive, or Kamen Rider EX Aid. Which do you chose? What is the team name? And how would the story go?

We answered this question in episode 85 of our show!

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Given how DSC ended, arn't you glad they didn't do the MMPR and DT crossover or use the new "Goldar" suit? Also what are top 3 favorite fights in Power Rangers? Any chance we can get Linkara as a guest on the show? Please. Thanks for all you do and for a great show.


We answered this question in episode 85 of our show!

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Given they are government funded teams, could season concepts such as Lightspeed Rescue, SPD, Time Force, or even RPM work in real life? Take for instance if we gave the Chicago shows morphers. -Uchi

RJ uchihabro77

If you had the opporotunity to create a spin-off of Power Rangers who would it focus on and what would be the story?

I think we can all agree that Dino Supercharge has been a bit of a disappointment after how great Dino Charge was. What would you consider to be the biggest contributing factor to that?

This question is for Eric. I know you're a big fan of Survivor. Would you & Theresa ever go on a Blood vs Water season and experience it together?


Eric answered this question in our newest episode!

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