Ask @Rania_jawad10:

Tell something about yourself?

i treat people the way they treat me. If they r nice to me ill be the nicest person to them but if they emd up being bitchy with me ill be more of a bitch than they can imagine even if they like it. or not. Also if u have to confess something yan u want to talk about something or clear a misunderstanding ill always talk in an appropriate way and not get rude only until u discuss the matter only with me rather than other people. Also dont make me hate u. Also love people who r good to me hehe ;)

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Random advice ? ✍💣

Faran Manj
It's okay to end things on time when you know you're not sure if you'll be able to make it through the end. It's okay to cry for the person that you can never possibly get. It's Okay to leave people when you know it's the best for the both of them. It's okay to stay awake all night and wonder about stuff. It's okay to care about people and trust me when you leave someone because you care about them it hurts. It hurt's alot but you do this because you predict the Consequences of staying which turns out to be 'not so good'. It's okay when you feel that heart wrecking feeling while watching them. It's okay when you feel your heart sinking on the thought of losing them. It's okay to listen to yourself. Everything is okay until you are doing all this for the person who actually deserves it.

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That Dil Toots wala moment ?

AwaiS Chaudhry
When mostly all the people you know are the queen divas of social media and pretend to be so cool and extraordinary but you know the real them Behind the veils. That how fake they become on ask and insta and how all the people seem to like them because of what they look like and what they SHOW they are rather than the real souls they unfortunately are. It really breaks my heart to see that people who actually are just shitheads try to impress the peope only on social media because you can only pretend to show your fake self there. Wonder what will happen if these people get to know the real people they are getting attached with and complimenting. Stop faking your beautiful existence which people wont like but atleast try to change yourself for better so that people fall in love with the REAL YOU and praise the REAL YOU.

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