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Are you single? Not that it's any of my business but I'm just curious.

I agree: it's not your business.

Hi, you'll probably won't want to answer this questions but it's worth a shot and I'm really curious. What camera/s do you use? Are your photografies edited?

I use a Pentax K-3 and a texturing technique in post-processing.

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Has being in Texas influenced your work? If so, how?

Thank you very much for this question. It's an important issue to me. I'd say it did influence not only my work, but mostly my life and me. Oh well... it leads to the same after all as I consider my work as my life as much as my life is my work.
First month of my stay in the U.S. (Texas) was a traumatic experience which I wish I could forget some day... I wasn't able to take one single self-portrait. I didn't even think about it. The circumstances weren't just favorable. I wasn't doing well at this time because I was feeling so worthless without any creative activity. I was afraid that my passion for photography was dampened or even over and that I would never take any picture in my life. Then, I moved out to Dallas. I felt the first significant inspiration when I saw a spectacular chiaroscuro effect on the wall in my bedroom and wished to capture it. I didn't think much how to dress. I just grabbed a scarf, set up my camera on the tripod, placed myself on the floor and after this everything slowly began to work again.
Space. Yes, space is the first thing that comes to my mind if I think about a "technical" impact on my photography. I gained space in Texas which allowed me to experiment more with composition, different angles and geometry. Yes, I think my work has changed a little thanks to Texan space.
The second factor could be more beautiful daylight. I could plan a photoshoot almost any day: it was sunny and warm, no disappointment with natural light.
Travelling also helped me a lot to develop my ongoing project "A la Vivian Maier". I have more courage to take self-portraits in public places and I believe I started perhaps being interested a little more in street photography.
There are also some psychological aspects that influenced my work because of the fact I moved to the U.S. that I could elaborate. I will just say that I was feeling as if I was a handicapped person who doesn't fit in this world before coming to the U.S. Now, I am feeling like a perfect handicapped person.

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Has being in Texas influenced your work If so how

How do you capture tragedy in your photos?

It does not require a particular effort from me. I am one big tragedy. I capture myself.

Congrats for your work, it really moves me. When did you start your artistic adventure? What do you feel when you see your first creations?

vicinruiz’s Profile PhotoVicin Ruiz
I'm glad it does. It's meant to make feel as I am myself a very "feeling" creature. What I carry inside, I wish to give in the form of my photographs and I like when there is some balance between an emotional charge of a viewer and mine.
I think everything started about two and a half years ago when I bought my first Pentax K10 D. It was just before my short trip to the U.S. Even though I was modeling a little earlier, a true passion for photography developped when I came back to Poland in January 2013 and found myself in a deplorable state (psychological and physical). It was like a mysterious desease, and I didn't know what physician or who I should consult, thus I just stayed in bed all by myself all days long, too weak to leave my little room. It was at that time when I started taking self-portraits and sharing them publicly. I had myself, my camera and a lot of time lying on bed. Also, at that time I got closer to the poetry by Halina Poświatowska. I have to admit that I've always loved poetry, but this time reading her poems felt as though I was born after she passed away to feel it all again. I read her novel "Opowieść dla przyjaciela" first though. Today, I think that was my remedy. No, I am sure it was or even something more: it was a new beginning in my life, although I was feeling I was so very close to the end...
My first photographs represented my weak hands after blood exams and were inspired by darkest poems of hers ("Hands-ten fingers disabled" series) about suffering, death and solitude. I've been faithful to my Saviour and Muse so far. I don't think there will be ever a shortage of her words that could inspire me.
Well, when I see my first photos in my camera, I can experience both: either euphoria or a total disappointment. It doesn't matter though. Now, I know it doesn't matter for my art. I used to create exceptional works out of "bad" photographs after one or two years and never published the "wonderful" ones so far. First impressions are deceptive to me.

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Congrats for your work it really moves me When did you start your artistic

What inspires you?

Tragedy- strong emotions- music- poetry- music- poetry- music- poetry- strong emotions- tragedy. Yes, light and darkness too.

Why don't you take photos of other people?

Perhaps I don't feel inspired enough to capture random faces of random people. Perhaps I don't enjoy photographing the members of my family. Perhaps I don't care about shooting the faces and bodies of beautiful models. Perhaps I am the only one who knows best what I'm trying to say through my photography. The one who expresses it the way I want it to be. This is so much simpler and harder at the same time.

Are you depressed?

There are a lot of people who define their state as depression without even being properly dignosed. No, it will never be my case. I am only tragic. And I like it. I need tragedy for my creation.

I admire your beauty and hands and nails in particular, rhe most beautiful I have seen. Do you get many compliments for your nails?

Thank you. Frankly, I don't care too much about them whereas they seem so much appreciated by my audience. Sometimes, I feel as though some viewers are almost obsessed by my hands and nails messaging me privately about them quite regularly. Many write long letters to praise their beauty to the skies or are just curious about details such as how long they are or some special treatments I use to take care of them. If it becomes too intense and I read too many letters like that during one day, I feel like cutting them off: both hands and nails.

Who is your favorite singer?

My most loved singer is Lisa Gerrard. I like especially when she sings in idioglossia (for eg. such songs as "Sanvean" or "Come Tenderness"). Yes, I don't think I have any other singer who I'd love for everything they have done musically speaking. She is definitely unique to me and very close to my heart.

I love your photos! I love your art! I love you! <3

Well, I'm wondering if there is anything here I should answer as I see just three exclamation marks... Anyway, they feel pleasant and not very loud. Thank you.

Can TV make us stupid?

I believe that's one of powerful mass media which can have a significant impact on their audience. All depends on how intelligent we are. As for me, I consciously refuse to use this invention of 20th century.

Do you like dogs?

Yes, I do. This is this kind of love which is intirinsic to your heart, I guess. I was raised in a family where there have always been a dog. I must have the same love for dogs as my father does, I think.

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