Ask @RapperMoiz:

What makes you different from others?✨🌟💎💎💉

I wont say that i am diff because i had pain misery heart break or that i lost something its not that cuz everyone in this world faces it all the pain the trust break and other kinds of emotional breakdowns but the difference is that what toll it tooks on ones mental or physical condition some people commit suicide some become drug addicts some become null or fucked up but it was diff for me i well i simply took all that stuff and buried it inside my heart and when the emotions were too overwhelming for this heart it broke to million of pieces and that spread darkness inside me i became a beast a ruthless monster in the flesh of a man i became what i never wanted to become yet i lost all emotions i lost all the will to do good i lost hope i lost faith i lost my own self in the darkness of hatred rage pain and revenge i wanted to kill everyone i wanted to be like hitler and kill every narcissist and rapist and pedophiles and gold diggers and every other bad people yet there was my heart the innocent heart that was broken down to millions of pieces but still those little tiny puny pieces of my heart never allowed me to take any life either it be of a criminal or a sad soul like me i was lost yet i am lost in the darkness that has no end with the shining pieces of my heart 💔

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How did you become a strong personality? Tell the weak about it

To be strong you have to go through pain misery despair and darkness you have to have scars ripped opened wounds bullet scars you have to love then fall you have to be happy then watch your world apart you have to be in that torture for 19 years and then you’ll become strong.Going to gym and making abs wont make you strong pain will and its the pain of heart im talking about :)

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