Ask @Rassbedashtmnt:

Why are you obsessed with Raphanardo? ;)

Because it's so perfect! They are so meant to be. I ship them so hard, it hurts! :D
I love how they act like they hate each other but when something bad happens they are the first ones to go for some comfort. Raph loves Leo most. It's so obvious even the anti-tcestors can notice. Raph lets only Leo to get near him. If I could thumb some screenshots, (I don't have them ;w;) you could see/understand what I'm trying to say.
Watch all the episodes. There isn't a minute without them looking at each other every chance they got. They stand so close that I'm sure they can smell one other. And the funny part is, they are fricking fine with it. Watch closely and you will understand. Choose a random episode. Do it. Do it!
The way they look at each other tells everything. They love each other just like how I ship them. They have always been best friends when they were young. They will be best lovers when they get older.
I can count so many things but unfortunately, I am too lazy. Sorry.
The other reason is freaking T-CEST Queen, Sneefee. I love her comics/pictures. She is freaking amazing. Go check her out if you haven't already. (I doubt that you don't know her. Everybody knows her)
Those fanfictions/comics/pictures made me love them even more! I love Raph, and I love Leo. But I must love only one thing... How about mixing them together? ;)

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