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Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?

um no.
bright colored or dyed eyebrows are amazing to look at, but definitely not for everyday purposes.

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Un amigo acaba de declarárseme y no sé qué decirle... Por una parte pueede que me guste un poco (aunque no estoy muy segura de ello), y por eso no quiero cerrarle la puerta del todo, pero tampoco creo querer algo con él por ahora. ¿Vosotros que haríais en mi lugar? Estoy hecha un lío 😓

Start small, go on a small date but dont be in a relationship with him yet. Go on a date as friends, then you can decide whether you wanna be together with him or not.

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¿Planes para verano ya? Espero que este año sea aún más épico que el anterior 😎

V de Verano

Dude it's ALWAYS summer in Indonesia! Kita tinggal di daerah tropis ya mau gak mau cuaca tetep panas & hujan.

But tbh I don't have any plans. Pengennya sih cuma mau ngeband ama temen2 kantor dan bikin podcast sama @KamilaQurratuaini

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When was the last time you danced?

Just yesterday at the office when I was challenged by a friend to a dance-off. I went first with my awkward dance moves and when it was his turn everyone thought he's gonna display some fire dance moves but he didnt. He bailed just like that.

I guess my 5-sec handstands made me win.

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¿Qué te tatuarías?

Pengen sih pake tato tapi mungkin gak boleh. Masih tinggal ama ortu. Tato stiker/temporary mungkin boleh.

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¿Cuál es vuestra canción favorita? ¿Y por qué es tan especial? Meh, hoy estoy a ver si descubro alguna nueva 🤔😊

Nggak punya lagu favorit, kadang ya ganti-ganti depending on the mood. Tapi ya all-time lagu favorit mungkin ini. Ada beberapa

dan banyak lagi huehue.

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What song always makes you happy?

Lots of songs tbh. This one's one of them. Until now the breathing part still makes me laugh so hard.

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Smart casual or sporty style?

smart casual i guess. i'm a suit-and-tie girl who doesn't wear varsity jackets much.

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What is the nicest gift you have given to your mother?

actually not being a dick for one whole day

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Lets be friends?

sure. let's spam each other with weird af questions

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Why do so many girls make duck-faces in pictures?

um hello 2009 called, they want their question back.

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Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence?

not really into both actors, sadly.

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What makes you blush?

The audience clapping

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PAP of your spring mood!

When your friends are starting to like you but part of your personality is clearly garbage

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Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?


also Ryan Ross.

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What color dominates your wardrobe?

probably black

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GD apa animator sih?

applynya sih dua2nya, double position (udah biasa multiposition sih gara2 kerja di Brunei) jadi tergantung, kalo ada kerja animasi ya animator, kalo ada kerja graphic design ya jadi gd

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Kemaren manggung gak ra? ada videonya gak?

First of all who dis?

Gak, blom pake manggung2 segala, cuman jamming aja didepan kantor ditontonin bbrp orang (and theyre not even the other coworkers) Klo mau nih ada klipnya

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Have you ever been madly jealous? What did you do?

Not the jealous type, though I get envious a lot.
I probably would do the same as I were envious if I were jealous, like copy my victims and lie about my life making it more similar to theirs. Also do what it takes to retain the position/posession that i'm oh-so afraid of losing.

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Do you agree with the saying that a problem shared is a problem halved?

not necessarily. it all depends on the situation and the amount/type of skills the individuals facing the problems possess.

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When was the last time you had a dinner with your whole family?

i had family dinner every night. but if y'all mean the WHOLE big family... idk. probably during a recent wedding or prayer event at a relative's house.

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What’s the best place to go to, when you want to be alone and enjoy solitude?

atop a floating grassy island with a windmill. feels nice to sit down and play your guitar while writing songs there.

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How can you tell that spring is in the air?

the air is suddenly bouncy af. thus, springs.

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It’s Sunday! Any special plans?

stop workin START JERKIN

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