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PAP an artificial smile!

ladies and fellas here's my homie Cangkir

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Have you ever been hypnotized?

not that I remember... was i ever hypnotized into not remembering that i was hypnotized?

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What’s the best place in your city for a romantic dinner?

idk pacific place maybe

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What was your biggest failure when purchasing things in the Internet?

I haven't tried that yet, i've made small purchases from friends, with the help of friends too and I'm satisfied cuz the stuff they sent are legit.

I have yet to use Tokopedia since I haven't gotten a bank account yet. My parents have used Tokopedia so far and they're quite satisfied with the stuff they bought.

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Give a smile and PAP! Let's greet Safer Internet Day!

hi internet you're safe now

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Do you tend to collect things or do regularly review and get rid of them?

i collect things & finish them until they're dead finished.

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Have you ever written a poem? If yes, what was it about?

stupid ramblings and deep thoughts. there might be in-betweens

The Grass Patch Stays Purple: http://thatsridicarus.soup.io/post/173809858/
Envy Is Like: http://thatsridicarus.soup.io/post/471986841/
Rucksack: http://thatsridicarus.soup.io/post/264251765/
and this one which i wrote in 2011 http://thatsridicarus.soup.io/post/134031237/

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Have you ever had a friendship that ended for of a stupid reason? What was that reason?

Plenty. Usually they end cuz I envy them and acted upon them with either copying them excessively or, if their luck/creation/possessions aren't copiable, I rant about them and how "easy it is for them to get stuff they want to achieve because they've got friends who are supportive while I'm isolated at home stuck with the family and hardly goes anywhere", most of which are just assumptions and completely untrue cuz I was blinded by isolation and negativity.

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What does it mean to be a good citizen on the Internet?

Unafraid to voice out your opinion but at the same time, being respectful to others' different opinions and letting them be.

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Who should get an award at the MTV Music Awards ceremony?

oh man I don't follow those anymore. not as updated with new musicians unlike back then T~T

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PAP a creepy face!

hows about two?

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How many times have you fallen in love?

never maybe. just small crushes, never really in love.

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Do you follow fashion trends actively?

not really. i set my own fashion trends, and sometimes i follow them without knowing they're trending, like the time I had ash grey hair back in jakarta

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What makes you special?

I always know good alternatives to popular social media *shrug* nothing special really. But I've got friends and sites that inform me about these alternatives & friends usually ask me what to use if their current app/sosh-med doesnt appeal to them anymore.

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What would be the most useless superpower?

The ability to turn pee into rainbows/generate rainbows from pee... temporarily.

Sure it's beautiful but pretty much useless.

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do you ship any of your characters?

not much of a shipper when it comes to my OWN characters pffft

but yeah maybe the characters who are already couples in the story? like Azka & Ingvald, Shivonne & Gioven, [SPOILER: Berwald & Ilona] cuz I'm lazy and I go by the standards.
oh and RN and Strov went on several dates but I don't really ship them much, although thinking of them as a couple is still pretty cute. Also RN x Dwy is kind of interesting though RN is straight and Dwy's orientation is unspecified. I just like them to have a senpai-kouhai relationship.
I also liked to think Asmad might've had a crush on Travia & her guitarist Taklim Hall too but at the same time he might've acknowledged that those two aren't his type, or maybe way out of his league or something. So that ship ain't sailing.

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What is the secret of happy relationship?

Talk to each other frequently but you gotta know when to have some time apart. Don't be too clingy or too estranged.
Also, even in a romantic relationship sometimes you gotta have a bro-sis view of your significant other. Treat them like friends or siblings that you can get crazy with. Make friends with each others' friends so y'all can act crazy together.

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is timestamps some kinda captains log thing from star trek?

um... what? maybe. I guess. I havent watched the original Star Trek TV series but I'm kinda imagining Peridot from Steven Universe recording time logs on her tape recorder, describing the events in detail. So... kinda.

The only mystery here is whether RN recorded the timestamps vocally, or whether she wrote/typed it down on her phone's notepad.

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ok then what do you have in common with Travia?

her clothes obviously :) and she likes beanies. We both like alternative rock, and... uh... maybe thats about it. Man i wish i've written about her more, maybe she'll get a spinoff someday.

oh and her & RN's sense of humor when it comes to texting is based off of mine and Tina's, cuz we both laugh at puns and typos and pretty much other stupid things.

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and the differences?

I can't binge on prawn crackers like she can cuz I get sick after a few packets. She's taller than me, she doesn't wear glasses, she's more of a Slytherin than me, she has a vibrator and I dont *cough cough*, she has Reverbnation, and who knows, she also probably likes a different music genre than I do, though the difference might not be far off.
Also she uses a black Wacom Bamboo Pen, a previous tablet I used, and I'm currently using a silver Wacom Bamboo Fun.

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what similaries do you have with RN/Remi?

lets see, the main ones: short dark hair, tan skin, impulsivity, copying when envious (based off my trait), peeping tom/tammy? (also based off my trait)

we're both artists/animators who make music part time, we're on the same social networks (except Reverbnation), we both have email anxiety, alternative sosh-med junkies, we love coffee... and her fashion sense too I guess, her work clothes are based on mine, although the character with some clothes looking exactly the same as mine is Travia. I purposely gave her the same beanie, jackets, tops & shoes as mine for some reason.

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to go with the previous question is the main character supposed to be you? are any of the characters based on any of your friends?

Well, it started out as an alternate universe personal journal entry, so yeah, she's totally based off of me. She and everyone else in here started out nameless, all of them, so they're initially mentioned by their positions (head animator, concept artist, keyframist, audio composer etc). As I wrote more and dived deeper into the story the characters and their personalities developed with the story. Suddenly they have names, and I started dissociating myself from RN (the main character) and gave her some differences.

I can say the other animators and her musician friend Travia are based on some of my university friends, but not specifically which one is which. One character might be a mix of 2-3 friends' traits.
The gamers aren't based on anyone in particular, and Zephyra, the musician RN seem to envy, is definitely based on a few musician friends who I envy until now. I gave her blue hair cuz there's someone famous with blue hair whose neck I really want to snap right now. Haha. Not Zeph though she's a cool person.

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is the story based on your real life at all? is it meant to be scenarios where you wish you'd do something different?

hm... in a way, it partially is. It started as a random faux-journal entry of myself in an alternate universe where I work in an animation studio (thus the answer to the previous question), and though I never worked in an animation studio at all I had to base the activities & surroundings on my university life, production house work life & graphic designer work life. Mostly university life cuz that's when I have the most friends. I've had graphic design friends, musician friends, gamer friends, etc. this explains the different sectors the characters work in.

to answer the second one, not really, BUT since the main character behaves mostly like me I think her problems are based on some of the past problems I ran into IRL, and I never really thought of what-if scenarios with different outcomes regarding those. All I can say is the story is only partially based on real life & the rest are pure imagination.

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what inspired you to write timestamps?

my desire to work at an animation company... I guess? and maybe at the time I was feeling lonely from being away from friends so i kinda imagined working with all my friends, different circle of friends, in one place. kinda like back in the Limkokwing days.

and believe it or not, shrimp crackers. those O'Garlos shrimp crackers gave me life and basically inspiration for the main character's obsession with stocking it up.

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PAP an inspirational meme!

not really inspirational tbh

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