Aww too bad, i miss that whole tacito vs cangkir, way vs leto, evil squares vs reaper punks game back then. Its fun anticipating what happens next

Gotta admit, as much as i'm embarrassed by my actions back then (unintentionally hurting a lot of people) I do love the feeling of getting even & being equal, making everyone think & guess what will the Reaperpunks come up with next right after the Evil Squares created something :D
But still that's a bad example of "getting even" cuz have you read TeyCindy's blog post about her experience with Yeap WanHoong on Instagram? It was kind of like that with RP inc & ES inc, just minus the whole mass-insulting and creepy stalking. Go search for the blog post & you'll know.
Also Cangkir pretty much lives on Plerb but it rarely updates though.

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Syifa Eramithya@syeramith