It might hurt den n kuri fans, but not choco fans. We always look out for what happens next, its like something popular comes, and we lie on you to make your version of it. At leasy u didnt trace. Most deviantart artists trace when they copycat.

aaaaaaaw LET ME LOVE YOU SILLY :3 but still, a lot of people were hurt & I had to stop from damaging things any further. Sadly I wasn't that good at stopping either. This is one of the reasons why I start indulging myself in alternative social networks tbh... to find lesser-known alternatives to dump my private copycat works so they wont be known by anyone.
wait... "we LIE on you"? I think you mean "rely".
Heh. if you look at it that way it's just like Bart Baker fans or Key of Awesome fans waiting for their heroes to make spoofs whenever a new popular song pops up. Sure, fans of the pop songs might get hurt due to KoA & Bart Baker's parodies but they didn't stop entertaining their fans whenever they get the chance... oh wait. Now I get how you feel.
Yep. Tracing isn't my style of copying. Tracing is how kids learn to draw for the first time, it's a temporary process. I cant believe a lot of deviantart people thought tracing was a good idea to gain fame & success.
Someone on dA once said that I did something called "appropriation", which is not copying something wholly, but parts of it, and then adding some of my own elements to the copied work. I guess that's fine unless the original artists arent fine with their works being copied. Whatever the case y'all should never forget to credit the original artists. It's just a small string of words.