I remember a blue cup with cangkir n tacito. what hsppened to it? Whocreated it?

you mean Kappu? it was created by Art-Munkey/Missdelirium/DisforDelirium (idk what she's called now) and she was pretty proud of it until Kurisquare announced that all the cup characters supposedly parodying Tacito (that includes Cangkir & Kappu and the others) should be discontinued, and I guess DisforDelirium obeyed the rules & buried Kappu deep down... until it was rescued by Isaygorawr (she even made Kappu its deviantart account to match Cangkir).
unlike cangkir, kappu doesnt have a plerb microblog so idk what happened to it now.
also kappu looks cat-ish for a reason ohoho =^.^=

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