Oh yeah i also remember more cups theyre very colourful. tell me who they are if you remember

uuuh ok I dont really remember much but here's what I remember so far.
there's the pink one named Chu if I'm not mistaken (probably created by ringoiero360)
and there's a black one called Mishka, created by rcsi1,
there's Tasse, a depressed orange cup (also made by DisforDelirium)
the grey twin cups Twi & La (i forgot who created them, either GothicAutumn, MistressWinter or Harlequin89),
a Union Jack mug called Jack-Un (again I forgot who created this)
a yellow mug with the smiley logo from the movie Evolution,
a red mug with Bon Jovi's Have A Nice Day logo,
and a blue-green mug with a XD face.
The last three are made by me.
Here are the stamps featuring the cups http://chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art/I-Support-CUPS-55856020 http://chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art/I-Support-These-Cups-too-57318658