If you could name the most influential women who've inspired you to keep being strong, who are they and why?

I'm gonna have to be cliche and say R.A. Kartini who build an all-girls school and educate the women around her (if thats how the story goes) but when it comes to this question I can't be very specific and point out names. There are a lot of women, anonymous or not, who are quite inspirational and encourage others to be strong, like the soldiers in the middle east who secretly snuck themselves in and go on wars with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his army. Also, fictional comic/film super heroines (like Wonder Woman and Black Widow probably... or that chick from Pacific Rim too, theres just so many to name), I mean come on, they're portrayed as dignified and strong & not to mention witty.
and the anonymous individuals which I call out in groups here http://ask.fm/Ratryoshka/answer/50277789308