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alternatif plastik? Kan udah ada, misal kalo belanja pake kantong yang dibawa dari rumah

I usually just put the stuffs I bought in my own bag, but then again, that's not always the scenario.
For example, when you bought a lot of stuffs, misalnya kayak belanja bulanan, you can't just expect someone to just bring a shitton of bag from their home. You still needs plastics.
Or maybe when you bought a food and there's a risk that it might spills on your bag, you'll need to use something that's disposable so that you don't have to take that risk.
Also, not everyone could be bothered to bring their own bag. I know that sounds wrong and the problem is in the people, but you should also understand that not everyone have the same conscience as you do.
So there should still be an alternative to plastics that are just as reliable, and could be recycled easily. That's just seems to be the easier solution to this problems.

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+1 answer in: “is climate change legit? or the things that environmentalists do are basically useless? would you try to stop using plastics?”

is climate change legit? or the things that environmentalists do are basically useless? would you try to stop using plastics?

The evidence are overwhelming, what else are you asking for?
Would I stop using plastic? No. Or rather, I can't. Plastics usage are way too ingrained to our daily life and cannot be just stopped like that. You could, however, help by not littering around.
Except if you could give some alternative to it, then maybe we could stop using plastic at all.

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Sepemenahan gua, kita bisa tahu alam semesta terbentuk 13.8 milyar tahun yang lalu dengan menggunakan cosmic microwave background (CMB), but how exactly CMB works? sehingga kita tahu kalau 13.8 milyar tahun itulah universe terbentuk

CMB is not a method, it's an... 'object', strictly speaking. It's a faint isotropic radiation detected by radio telescope, meaning, it is spread evenly among the universe and are not associated by any celestial bodies, i.e planet, stars, galaxy or other space objects.

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Can something be valid but not reliable?

No. Something that is valid, have to be reliable, but not everything that is reliable could be valid. For an instance, if you do a test or an experiment for over a week and it gives consistent results, it is reliable. But is it valid? That's a different question. One must see how well that test measures what it is supposed to measure.

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Jadi kak Zat anti matter itu berlawanan dari matter, right? Then, menurut kakak, if We can create oxygine, water, etc. can we create the anti matter? But if kakak nyaranin buku atau situs yg bagus buat bahas ini. Im very greatfull to you kak.

Basically antimatter is the opposite version of the constituent particle that makes up the element, i.e proton and anti-proton, electron and anti-electron, etc. There's no such thing as 'anti-oxygen' but there's antiparticle.
You can, however, collide oxygen with a brick of antimatter, if there's anything like it, and they'd annihilate each other, producing a fuckton amount of energy by doing so.

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Kak... Maaf ya kalo pertanyaan ini udah di tanyakan Tapi maksud dari zat anti matter apa? Makasih kak sebelumnya

Matter in itself is a physical substance that occupied space and have volume. Anti matter, even though as the definition goes, is the opposite version of matter, isn't something that doesn't have a mass and volume. Rather, it's a substance that annihilate each other when it interacts with matter.
The definition goes deeper than that but that will suffice.

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Suli, apa kabar?

I'm fine. Hbu?
By the way, I was watching this thing on youtube:
It's really entertaining to see how the lecturer could make learning interesting, which is what every educator should strive to do. Learning something new should always be interesting while educating at the same time, and it sucks to say that education in Indonesia doesn't works that way.
Learning science should be filled with fun experiment like that about 90% at the time instead of staying on the class all the time.

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hari ini hari pertama kamu masuk kerja. managermu minta kamu datang jam 9 pagi. kamu datang jam 9 pagi dan menunggunya, sampai jam 2 siang managermu menelpon utk menyuruh kamu pulang dan datang lagi besok karna dia ada urusan. apa yg km lakukan?

Sianne Tiffany
Ya pulang terus dateng besok.
I'm not exactly picky when it comes to a job, I'd do anything as long as I get hired. This scenario happened to me when I tried to apply to the job I'm currently in now.
If anything, your willingness to do this will put you in a good standing with the guy who hire you.

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Saya beberapa kali menemukan kasus di jalur pendakian, orang yang (katanya) kesurupan. Kesurupan nya tiba2 nangis gitu doang. Trus kalo diajak ngobrol, katanya ia kesurupan karna masalah itu-ini (ngeluarin uneg2). Adakah penjelasan ilmiahnya mengenai kasus tsb?

aji dwi saputra
Probably just hallucinating. Forest are dangerous in the night, plants suck up oxygen at night and you're up in the mountain where oxygen are basically dwindling the higher you get. Not to mention your friends are probably extremely tired from hiking.
Oxygen deprivation could make you see or hear things that doesn't even there.

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Ada pertanyaan?

Why do you commies sincerely believe that capitalism is the boogeyman while it has been proven continuously that it could improve someone's life quality?
Ga usah jauh-jauh. Paritas daya beli Indonesia udah meningkat sangat jauh dibanding jaman pra-2000. Fenomena OKB juga jadi bukti kalo kapitalisme cukup sukses di Indonesia.
Entertainment and art in communist state would also be severely limited because obviously people would need incentive to run such facility and the state... Well what do you need entertainment facility for? It's a waste of resources and communist state is all about "forms follow function".
So what're you complaining about?

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Remaja memiliki ego yg tinggi, yg membuatnya tdk mau disalahkan dan tdk mau meminta maaf. orangtua memiliki keyakinan bahwa mereka selalu benar, dan merasa bahwa karena mereka orangtua, remaja haruslah bersikap hormat dengan mengakui kesalahan. Gimna cara spya perselisihan di antara mereka slsai?

Remajanya tolol, orang tuanya kolot.
What the hell, just go to some kind of family psychologist or smth.

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