Ask @RayannaHerron:


Rayanna Herron
Hey Char!!! ☺😀😃😄😁🌹🌸🌷🌺🌻It's Rayanna!!! This is my main account!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! 💖 What did you do for your birthday?? 🎂 How are you??? It's been a while since we have talked!!! What's new???? How was your Halloween?? I just wanted to say hi and happy birthday!! You're a good friend!! I've been a little inactive on here on this account, but I use my other accounts a lot!!! I'm almost done with high school!!! Are you in school??? What type of music do you like? 🎶 🎧 Hey do you have a YouTube channel?? I have one!! Do you use Tik Tok?? @XCharHoranX

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