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are you scared of meeting people from online ?

itsMena36019’s Profile PhotoitsMena
Honestly depends how I met them online. Like if it was through a mutual friend I would feel comfortable with it but like online dating and stuff like that worries me a little bit but wouldn’t say I’m scared of it

What is something you WOULD wish on your WORST enemy?

grismob_’s Profile PhotoBHonest
I wouldn’t really say I have an enemy but to those who have done me wrong, I’d wish they’d grow some maturity and resolve things

If you had a button, that when you pushed it...all wars would stop, all poverty would be eradicated, and all diseases & illnesses would be cured...BUT, you would instantly die...would you push it?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
Yeah that’s a no brainer. One life is nothing compared to millions that would be saved
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What was your favorite childhood show ?

heyitzlauren’s Profile Photolauren
Depends on which part of my childhood but I’d say one of my favorites was definitely shake it up on Disney

Samantha?! Nah nah nah she’s cruel get over her

Please kindly get off my page if your going to spread hate ✌️


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