Ask @ReZero:

Are you a leader or a follower?

Well, I'd say I'm both. I usually like to go with the flow because I'm lazy and socially awkward and thus am a follower, but if things aren't going the way I like, or just way too slowly and inefficiently, I may try to take the role of a leader myself OR at least guide the current leader to do things in a better way (my way, that is).

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If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?

If someone was researching or developing something cool, maybe. Like, say bionic and robotic body modifications such as animal tail or ears, then yes obviously take all my money. That was just a single example though, I'd probably give money to any charity I found any point in (now that I think about it, what I mentioned in the example had no point other than uguu kawaii desu) if I had too much money and knew I wouldn't be able to spend it even if I wanted.

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I just realised that I've had the same background image with a X-mas-y Last Order in it almost since I made my account so it's been there through summer fall spring, bleh... I feel tempted to change it now but then again christmas is right around the corner so maybe I'll wait :x

Something a bit darker and with more content might be good this time, this almost completely white background is... meh.

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