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Demetria Devonne Lovato
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Sonny... :DD

Demi... :DD

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Demy you're incredible! Italian fan. <3

Thank you. Love you!

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crazy hair for realzz.... amazing!

Mr. Derp


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Miss you.

Demzy is backk! :D

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Yoo Demi!

Taylor Momsen

Heeey!<3 Miss you!!!!

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Merry Christmas!

Sikem Jorge Nkwawir

Thank you! :)

Merry Christmas to you too!

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Selena or Miley ???


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Merry Christmas!


to you too :)

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And from everything, I learned something...

View more I am Christian, and I do not want to idolize more. I find it hard, because I love you. But you are no longer the same as before. You no longer seem Christian.

Being my fan doesnt mean you want to become me, and have everything I do. It just means youre supporting me, and that's why I don't get this.

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Always #StayStrong

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you make me stronger, thank you for all, i'll always be a lovatic with my heart and soul, i just love you

Aww I love you too :)

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you hate Miley?

WHY would you think that? :S

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Why are you so beautiful ? You are really perfect, I'm not a REAL lovatic but I follow your way long time ago. I love you

Mélodie Le Sushi

Love you too :)

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i'm not more a lovatic :'(

What's wrong sweetie?<3

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Where do you think Santa Claus is from?


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Do you love your fans?

A lot<3

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Little Mix or Cher Lloyd?


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Demi. This ask is for u. In this account i will post news and pics about u. Can u help me to run voice about this account? #lovatic #folowed

You wrote on your account that you believe in one of fakes??--

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ask me a question? love xx ♥♥

Hiii anon! lol :) Just tell me who you are and I'll ask you <3

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About Demetria Devonne Lovato:

i'm a lightweight; easy to fall easy to break.

Sherman Oaks, California