Ask @RealKristenStewart:

Hypothetical scenario: What would you do if a gentle giant took you on his hand, removed your shoes and socks and started gently massaging your feet with his huge fingers?

Alexa Tabra
Probably great and I'm not ashamed

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Hey Kristen.Where are you?I just wount to say, that I really love you, you`re so inspiring me.I wish we can be friends with you, but you`re so far from me,and.. you`re celebrity,and i am jus a girl...wish i will met you someday...please answer to this question..I beg you so much...lots of love ♥

Hello dear I've been SUPER busy that's why I haven't been here. This was very joyful to read, love you xo

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There's was a time you went on the red carpet wearing sneakers with your glamorous dress. I think it was cool, but why really?

Because I prefer and always had a preference for my old black converse over high heels

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Kristen Stewart! omg I am a major fan of urs :)) Ever since I picked the twilight swaga books I've loved you. I think u fit really well in Bella's character. Love you <3 pleaseeeeee answer this

Thanks so much ;)

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You are amazing! Everybody says me that this account is a fake. But i know that you are real. Ilove you! Can I be your friend?

Alex c. B)
You deserve my time. Thanks for believing! I love you too and of course you can. I mean aren't we already?

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