let me write to you all my story. well i have a boyfriend and we are together 1 year 3 week 1 day 18 hour 56 min and 38 sec. so before we dated he followed on Instagram naked girls,a lot of Instagram pages of naked girls and then we started dating and he still keep following them even now and my mom said to me that's normal but to me it is not normal because if he has a girlfriend who he said he loves he should unfollow all those girls because me as his girlfriend ,i feel lame and bad ,i feel like i'm not good enough to him. because all these girls are handsome and hot and i'm not. so he even said to me how there are a lot of girls who has hot a$$ and i felt bad ,he put me down because how dare you to say to your girlfriend aka me something like that. GIRLS PLEASE NEVER BE STU*ID LIKE ME ,i didn't say anything about all these,i'm crying and i'm not saying anything. don't be like me,be smart.

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