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I'm like hey,what's up,hello?! So I need to prove something. Or nah. Brent I will write a big para for you. I think you deserve.You are my best friend,my brother ,my weirdo and my everything.I'm so happy to have you in my life.You are the best twin ever.I love to talk with you ,and I know that i'm sometimes so rude with you but you love me,I know that. I'm sowwy but I know we love to be rude with each other. I want to say something.Like thank you so much for everything. I hope we will be twins forever because why not?! I like to steal food from you,special ice-cream :3 I don't know what to say anymore.Bye.✋ Just kidding.Please never leave me,okay?okay? I don't want to lose you like some people but doesn't matter i'm still happy to have you by my side. I forgot to say,you're my Mr pizza and my bad boy. If someone hurt you ,then that persong will be dead. I think we've promised each other something. "BETTER IN HELL WITH YOU THAN WITHOUT YOU." Right? Yeah,yeah we are vampires and we are so cool & bad. I love our friendship so much and Basha is friendship goals. You're best to my friend,ice to my cream,koala to my panda.I will just say you are my everything in this word.Btw you have a perfect smile,I love your smile. You are little cutie ( this time is not a joke),sweet ,adorable and perfect. Yeah you have a beautiful girlfriend,be good with her. Okay? Good. I love when we talk about Chris Brown,like you know his songs,omg ?. You can trust me, I can keep a secret.I can everything. I think we should have our date because we are best friends and why not. I promise I will always be here with you no matter what,because you are always here for me and thank you so so much.I think you know everything and I love you so so so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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fave songs lyrics?

"You ever wonder what we coulda been? You said you wouldn't and you fucking did."
"All alone I watch you watch her.Like she's the only girl you ever seen.You don't care you never did.You don't give a damn about me."
"Little do you know how I'm breaking while you fall asleep."
"Maybe some part of you just hates me,you pick me up and play me.How do we call this love?"
"I thought you were the one,then you turned around.Found somebody better,like I never met ya."

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