Sh-t *Nova gets the kid off the scythe and immediately begins healing her, even if it means she'll take damage for her life magic*

*She weakly tries to push you away* It hurts so much... Just let me die...

Nu-uh, if you die I can't be your friend anymore *Nova uses her dagger to slice her own arm the spilled blood accelerating the healing*

Please... Stop...

Yeah.... that'll happen, but you can't just give up. *is still healing the smol*

Why...? I don't deserve you... I don't deserve anybody...

Well I don't deserve anyone either, so I guess we're just stuck together then huh? *Nova finishes healing her, now unable to get back up to her feet, her right arm still bleeding badly*

... ... ... *Chara looks away, ashamed*

Kid, I've been through worse, sadly, just gimme a few days to recover and everything will be fine

...I'm sorry...

For what? Having emotions? Being confused? It happens to all of us, well except ink off his meds but he's a special case

So you forgive me...? You don't hate me...?

I forgive you and I don't hate you. I was just confused too. Hey it happens

.............. *Smol just hugs you and buries her face into your clothes, still crying aww*