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Is it best to get an apartment or a house

IMO a house . Apartments are by far more expensive with 3x rent up front , eligibility requirements of income sometimes double the rent and no utilities included . Least around my area that’s the case. Owning a house is far cheaper in the long term especially if you qualify and get a fixed rate.

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Were you better at math or english back when you were in school?

Math was my favorite subject and the only one I really excelled in throughout my entire school years .

Have you celebrated your Birthday at a restaurant? How was it?

As a kid , yes . Awkward but fun 🤣

when u ask ur long distance lover to facetime u and they dont but instead just ask for money what do u call that?

Suspicious as heck !

Who’d u get some of your features, mom, dad or a lil of both?

Most of my features are from my dad’s side specifically my NaNa . We are the same spitting image of each other when she was younger .

Have you ever walked around outside in socks? If so, where and why?

Jessica15588’s Profile PhotoJessica
Yes, everywhere around my house outside and to the mailbox across the street. Even drove with socks on in my car (long drive and feet were KILLING ME). Mainly due to like being barefoot or socks on this question. Even in my house I’m barefoot 😆

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how is your Summer going so far?

x3_bebesota’s Profile PhotoJazMarie ✨
Same as anything. Work , errands , home and repeat with the added factor of stress of new things popping up due to my house 🤦‍♀️

if you could travel right now all expenses paid where would you go and why?

bebesota_x3’s Profile PhotoJazMarie ✨
Northern Europe . Because my heritage and I’m fascinated with the culture and history. 🖤 Plus new foods to try 😋


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