Ask @RedHeadedAnastasia:

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Asha Greyjoy
I depends on when you ask me. Some days I would want to sit down with the 4 most major religious entities as they have probably had the most impact on the world. Maybe, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed.... Abraham? Some days I'd want to sit down with strong women throughout history. Queen Elizabeth, Nefertiti, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman etc. ...Or maybe some founding fathers so I can get some shit straight to throw at tea baggers... I would probably give you a different answer every day.. but the religious entities sounds good. I'm agnostic... I just want to pick their brain and see the truth of them. Whatever it may be.... most likely that they were just flawed men like anyone else.

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Im a small freshman, will people wedgie me by my tighty whities at school?

In high school? I'm not sure that wedgies are in vogue right now. I went to a pretty awesome high chool and was never really bullied anyway so I'm not great on gauging what kids in more normal high schools should except... also it's been over 10 years for me AND I don't have kids that age so really don't know what ridiculous mannerisms high school kids are operating with these days. My advice for high school freshmen was and still is "take no shit but don't get cocky"

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How would you describe your diet? Are there any foods you can't eat or choose not to eat?

I was strictly vegan but I have worked small amounts of (chemical, hormone and cruelty free) meat and dairy back into my diet. I still eat 90% vegan but I wanted to be able to travel and experience the foods of other cultures without getting ill so I'm keeping my body prepared. I try to eat as clean as possible. I also try to make as much of m diet out of locally sourced goods as possible. I am lucky enough to have a great resource for that through my job. I take a B12 vitamin and Folic Acid.

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Why are so many ordinary people are obsessed with the lives of musicians, athletes, actors, etc.? What do you think is the best way to discourage this kind of celebrity worship?

I almost think that we as human beings have a tendency to lean towards some form of idol worship. I see aspects of it in almost every culture. What changes is what our society values, which changed the types of people we idolize. I've talked about this topic many time with my partner in terms of our daughter. I don't want her growing up obsessing over her generations version of Miley Cyrus. These people are human beings, flawed human beings.. and celebrity often leads to them being exponentially flawed and out of touch with reality. I don't want her growing up idolizing that. So we want to keep her as grounded in the real world as possible. We want to do a lot of volunteer work as a family. We want to travel and see the world.. and not see the inside of resorts around the world either. We want to stay in hostiles and ride on trains. We want to explore and promote learning. We want to hold people who make strides in humanitarianism is higher esteem than pop stars. We want to talk about space expeditions, animal and land conservation, revolutions. I hope if we have these real conversations and experiences with her instead of just handing her a tablet and hoping she'll entertain herself will make her more apt to pick more suitable people to look up to.. and even then, as mentors and inspirations, not as obsessions and idols.

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What would make you unfollow someone on here?

On twitter or on ask? Either way I suppose the reasons are the same. It can be anything in the range from finding the person completely repugnant to just not feeling simulated by them. I've also unfollowed people who I like and agree wit because the burned too hot... even when they are rightly angry. I've only done that because sometimes I have o filter he negative every for my own mental health.. but now I think I'll just start temporarily muting said folks instead. I've unfolowed because I've thought people have become hateful and a detriment towards heir own cause or humanity. I've unfollowed for far lesser reasons. I've unfollowed because I could see the rabbit hole in front of me was going to lead me o not liking that person anymore ad I didn't want that. I don't see unfollowing as an insult, I just like to have say very what I send energy on, that's all. Some people are fine enough, but I just don't have they spare energy.. some people are terrible and I really don't have the energy.

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