Ask @RedVelvet222:

What do you think of cheaters (in romantic relationships)?

I hate them and I can't stand them. Like why would you waste your partner's time and hurt them like that. Put yourself in their place, would you want to be cheated on by the person you trust the most? No? Exactly, so why do it to them? No matter what problems you're having, if you're mad at them for whatever reason it's better to talk to them about the problem and try to fix it than to go cheat on them with someone else. Or if their not what you want just save them the hurt early in the relationship by ending it instead of cheating. You may not realize it but cheating hurts the other person like really bad. It makes them question why you would do it and they won't feel like they're good enough for you anymore. Don't do that to anyone. It's wrong. That's what I think. And even if you're not mad at them and you just want to do it for fun. That's wrong too.

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What is the best way to tell someone that you love them ??

You don't have to say the words "I love you" if you don't want to. Actions speak louder than words so instead you can show them you love them by wanting to spend time with them for example you can text, call or ask to hang out with them. I mean if you're not putting any effort in to show them that you love them, the words "I love you" alone don't mean much. Also, don't jump in to love too fast because you might think you're in love from what you see but then later you might regret it because you didn't get to know the person first

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