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FMK Revelian, Baxter, Zachary

Kill Revelian, because honestly, fuck Revelian. Only not fuck Revelian, kill him. My point is, I don't like what Revelian represents. And what Revelian represents doesn't like me either. So fuck him. And by that I mean kill him.
Also I just had a flashback, swear to heck I answered this before...
Marry Baxter, because Baxter is probably really rich.
Fuck Zachary because Zach is a bad dragon. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also Zachary apparently knows how to do the succ.

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Hahaha nooo they would have dog brains and lazy and loyal, not harmful lol, like America ran experiment on Somalia to turn them into waste eaters to cut garbage down haha

Oh, then no, I wouldn't want one, because I'm complete garbage.

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If your country did experiments on Somalia and all the Somalians turned into weird dog-brained pig-human things, and it became custom for people in your country to keep them as pets to eat food waste, would you get one? lol

Don't take pig-human things home with you. You learn this from playing enough Minecraft, my friend, the weird pig-human things are NOT friendly. Especially in packs.

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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


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LAT Itude
(noun) a member of a Germanic people that invaded the Roman Empire from the east between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The eastern division, the Ostrogoths, founded a kingdom in Italy, while the Visigoths went on to found one in Spain.

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