Ask @Red_Goner:

FMK Revelian, Baxter, Zachary

Kill Revelian, because honestly, fuck Revelian. Only not fuck Revelian, kill him. My point is, I don't like what Revelian represents. And what Revelian represents doesn't like me either. So fuck him. And by that I mean kill him.
Also I just had a flashback, swear to heck I answered this before...
Marry Baxter, because Baxter is probably really rich.
Fuck Zachary because Zach is a bad dragon. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also Zachary apparently knows how to do the succ.

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If your country did experiments on Somalia and all the Somalians turned into weird dog-brained pig-human things, and it became custom for people in your country to keep them as pets to eat food waste, would you get one? lol

Don't take pig-human things home with you. You learn this from playing enough Minecraft, my friend, the weird pig-human things are NOT friendly. Especially in packs.

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