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Is there a name for the owners? Well you include things like them coming home with wife/husband, and/or children? or maybe even a drunker coming home with a bunch of friends, haha. also, will the owners react to their house being trashed up if you mess about?

The owner does have name...
Our current aim with levels is to keep owners and other characters appearances the same, but their behaviour slightly different every time you play. This keeps some level of predictability within the game making it a little easier for players. This isn't to say that it won't be challenging.
And yes, owners and other characters will respond to the mess you make around the house.

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When's this coming out?

If you're referring to The Very Organized Thief, please visit our website (http://www.redefinitiongames.com/) or watch our developer diaries to find out more. There is a lot of news and information explaining what our current plans are, and there's plenty more news to come.

How do you get the "its my first day" achievement in the very organized thief? Please, I have all the other achieves...

Crandria Dalton
If we told you it wouldn't be an achievement. But we can give you a hint. : P
It has to do with the teddy bears.

hello, please how can i get the halloween version??? im searching but i cant find it for download :(

It's actually the same download as The Very Organized Thief. However it only unlocks during the Halloween month.

Is it true that if you turn on the lights/make loud sounds the owner will come home sooner?

The owner won't come home sooner if you turn on lights or make loud sounds. He will come home sooner if you set off the alarm.
But he does see you more easily in rooms with lights on, and if you make to much noise he will investigate the sound.

How many new houses will be in the new version of the game???

We are currently working on 3 new levels, with the hopes to add even more. One level is the remake of the original house with a slightly different layout and new areas to search for things in. The other two, are brand new levels with new things to "borrow" and unique challenges.
If you want even more levels, please pre-order, tell your friends, share it on Facebook and Twitter. Every pre-order helps us to add more features and levels to The Very Organized Thief.

currently, in the game if you stand right at the door, you can escape right when the owner walks in/right before he walks in. are you guys gonna keep that feature??

Currently the prototype (the one free to play) has a number of things that you can do that we are hoping to change, such as leaving the house despite the owner being outside the door. So how you escape is going to be a little different in the new version.

Are you going to edit the free version at all? Also are there any hidden features in the free version that result in either a jumpscare or relate to a storyline? How does the Owner's programming work for e.g does have a 'suspicious' and 'not-suspicious' mode and is he outside the door always?

We are currently focusing on developing the new version, along with finding a means to help fund The Very Organized Thief. So there are no plans currently to update the free version.
The game has no programmed jump scares. A lot of the jump scares people are experiencing are simply "wrong place, right time".
As for the owner. The owner literally doesn't know anything about you until he see's you. When he arrives home, he will investigate any noise he might hear (i.e footsteps and doors) or lights he might see (i.e your torch). Until then, he's just wandering around the house. He also has a hard time seeing in the dark, which is why he turns most of the lights on. He will also come home earlier if you set the alarm off.

In the Christmas Edition, will the owner be dressed up as Santa?

We currently don't have any planned updates for the the Free Version.
However, the Christmas Edition will self activate between December 1st to 31st allowing you to run around a nicely decorated house with some extra items to "borrow" and achievements.

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