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will be have more food in the kitchen to cook in the remake version?

The Very Organised Thief is about using your skills as a thief to acquire the items on your checklist. Adding elements to the game that don't really fit in with that theme, doesn't make sense. You play as a very organized thief after all. Not a very organized cook : P

cant you make more fotos of the new tvo theif?

The first new screenshot was a test of the new art style. We're currently in the process of updating all the art in the house to have the same look and feel.
Unfortunately, this has also been slowed down by a heavy amount of university studies which is almost over. Once it is, we'll be working to release some new sneak peaks for everyone to enjoy as soon as possible! : D

Is the owner going to have a weapon in some cases

The owner is probably not going to have a weapon. But there will be a number of different characters who will be carrying various non-lethal weaponry.

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Will there be easter eggs to find in the game?

If you mean Easter, not initially. But if you mean hidden secrets... ... ...
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Can you go outside in the update

Maybe! We're currently working out some levels which will have outside areas. So I guess that's kind of a yes then... probably a yes then.

What does danger zone do

There be no danger zone. There be only a dead zone!
Dead zone is to do with the controller's with thumb-sticks, and how far they need to be pushed before you will start moving the character. This is also to help prevent wandering when the controller isn't being pressed at all.

If we donate, in the future, is it a possibility that when the game is fully developed, we get something in return?

Donations are for people who are feeling generous and want to support us with no strings attached. Every donation we receive goes straight back into development. The most we could do is record down your name and list it in the credits of the game. We unfortunately don't have the time or people power to really do something more then just that. We'd like to offer more! But more is likely to happen in the future.

Will TVO have stealth mechanics (hiding in shadows, closets, sneaking, etc.) for when the owner comes home?

The current version of The Very Organized Thief already has some basic stealth mechanics, similar to what you are asking. Unfortunately it's not very obvious and it often gets called out as if the owner was cheating. For example, he can hear your footsteps, see your flash light against the wall if its on, but can't see you in a dark room. It's current very easy to inadvertently draw the owner to you if your not careful.
In the remake we will be making things a little more obvious for players to let them take advantage of the environment a little more. We'll also be making it scalable for people who would like to play at different difficulties.

Can you please make the owner have a face in the current thief game?

Haha... no : P
We will be putting faces in the remake but its no guarantee that you won't find them a tad creepy looking.
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does you guys plan on adding new items to find? or new hiding places

If your talking about the online version. We won't be adding any new areas or hiding placing to that version. The remake we're currently working on will have new areas, hiding places and new levels.

I saw that The new version will cost money, not to sound rude but how much might it cost?

We're hoping to set it somewhere between $10-15. This might change depending on a number of things, such as where it's available and possible features.

Will there be mods for the game

Our stance at the moment is we won't be adding modding capabilities to the remake of The Very Organized Thief.

Will the house be different or will there be modes

The new version of The Very Organized Thief will have a number of new levels, along with a variety of different modes.

Can you make the owner talk in the full version

Talking in any form such as voices or even text dialogue, is something we've decided to not do, or at least we are avoiding it unless absolutely necessary, for The Very Organized Thief. There is a motif we are going for, and adding talking would only ruin it.

Will there be a different owner when you go to a different house or will it just be the same owner

There will be a number of different characters to be aware of in the new version. More information about those characters will be announced during the upcoming Kickstarter.

Will the new version be on gamejolt

We've had discussions with CROS of Game Jolt and we do intend to make the new version available through Game Jolt. : )

Will you still make tiny updates to the recent organised thief

We will be making some final small updates to the currently available version of The Very Organized Thief. But once those updates are released, we will be discontinuing further updates. This is to let us focus our development time into the new version and The Maze - Keeper Of Doom, which we intend to update regularly with new content.

Will the game be free once its done with the kickstart

The free version will still be free. But unfortunately the new one won't be.
There are a lot of reasons why, but the main is that we can't make a living off free games and Ad Revenue. It's not sustainable for projects such as TVOThief. That and Developers are living creatures too, we need to be able to eat and stay connected!
The Very Organized Thief being a first major title, it's our first major step into hopefully producing more games in the future, and we can't do that if our previous title doesn't generate income for those projects. Kickstarter will always be there to support that but we'd prefer to reach a point where our projects are mostly finished, and we can offer unique opportunities for people who are really interested through Kickstarter. TVOThief is the exception, because without it, we can't do any of the above, at least not without it being extremely difficult.
Sorry if that's a bit of a long and serious answer. But we didn't just want to say out right no.
The plus of everything above is that it will lead us to producing more games. Some we do intend to develop using Free to Play models and some are even just plain free! You'll find out about those games one day. : )

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Will you be able to See your body like in Your new game?

Absolutely! The Maze - Keeper Of Doom is basically a test of a number of visual effects and features we are trying out for the The Very Organized Thief. So some of the things you will see will likely end up in The Very Organized Thief. Not everything! Just some things. LoL

Hey can i ask about the co-op will the owner come sooner because it may can be more easier or even later

Co-operative multiplayer modes will be handled differently from single player modes.
As for specific details, we can't say. Mostly because a lot of this will be determined through play testing to see what "feels right" to make it as enjoyable and as fair as possible for everyone playing.

I just saw your new game. Congrats!

Thanks! It's still a work in progress and there is a number of updates for it still to come. : )

Is the owner a man or a women? I am very confused

The Owner is actually a man! But is often mistaken as a woman.

How are you? :)) May I please ask your snapchat?

We are good! Thanks for asking. : )
We don't have a snap chat and probably never will. We're usually pretty busy. We're currently a team of two doing a lot of things so we don't have much time for online socialising unfortunately.
We do have a twitter page that were happy for people message us on. Its https://twitter.com/RedefGames. : )


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