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Can you have a weapon some times you play not all the time but sometimes

Weapons in The Very Organized Thief is unlikely and would only make the game unnecessarily violent and very easy to "win".
At most we will be adding non-lethal weapons in very particular situations, such as in multiplayer modes for example.

Great game i managed to trap the owner in the closet. also I've got the 7th quickest time on the game.

Nice work! And thanks for letting us know.

Just saw your new game congrats!

Thanks! You don't have to say the same thing twice by the way. We do read them. We're just managing our time between replies : P

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Can there be a third person view?

There will be no third person view as we have designed it to be a first person game.

I told my friend about the co-op thing and we are both exited but i when i was playing alone the owner came before the ring bell try to fix that Keep up the good work and create more levels

Depending on what you do in the House, the Owner may come home sooner. ; )

Do you guys have a possible release date for us i seriously cant wait i told my friend about this and he is excited we will both donate (:

We currently don't have a solid date due to a number of things we need to do before the Kickstarter. However, we are working very hard to ensure that we can get the Kickstarter under-way as soon as we're able.
Until then we'll be sure to keep everyone informed of news and happening on The Very Organized Thief twitter page, http://twitter.com/TVOThief.

Can there be family mode and police mode?

There will be several new modes in the remake for people to play, along with a bunch of new challenges.

Will you make the owner to random things like watch tv and stuff?

Absolutely! We've been completely rewriting our AI system to allow us to do these kinds of things more easily, so you can expect the owner and other AI to behave a little bit more appropriately in the remake.
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What is the down under achievement

The "Down Under" achievement is an Australia Day related achievement. But unlike the other achievements, you don't have to wait for Australia Day to earn it.
Clue: It has something to do with the Kangaroo.

Can there be a little bit of self defense?

For the new version of The Very Organized Thief. Probably! It's something we have been considering. : P

Can you make other levels in the the organised thief and also a co-op (: love the series i would love to donate on the kickstarter

Absolutely! We're currently designing a number of new levels to be added to The Very Organized Thief. Along with a few additional features and surprises.
As part of the kickstarter, we have set multiplayer related features as a stretch goal, due to the costs and difficulties that are involved. We're currently researching and testing the best way to do multiplayer for the types of gameplay we hope to add. But when the kickstarter comes around, it's up to everyone to help make that into a reality! : )

can you make the owner have a face please?

We won't be adding a face to the owner in the current version of The Very Organized Thief. But we are currently redeveloping the characters to have faces in the new version that we are hoping to kickstart very soon.

Do you mind to make TVOT co-op?

There will be multiplayer team based co-op (if we reach the funding goal) along with a few other modes.

Will you please make multiplayer mode

Multiplayer will be really cool and we have designed a few modes that we could possibly do.
So we will be having multiplayer mode as part of the kickstarter campaign. It's currently set as a stretch goal in order to gain the appropriate funding to cover server costs and development.

I very want to help you on Kickstarter! When about to start a campaign?

We are unfortunately overloaded with work at the moment, making starting the Kickstarter campaign not a very wise decision.
But we are hoping to start the Kickstarter within the next month. No solid date.
We are working really hard at the moment to lower our current workload so that when the Kickstarter begins, we can focus on The Very Organized Thief and the kickstarter campaign entirely to help ensure it's success. : )

They will make a very organized thief two?

We're currently in the process of developing a more fleshed out version then the one currently available online.
We will also be starting a kickstarter very soon to help us get the funding needed in order to develop it.

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