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Define o amor

To diffcult for words.
It‘s a feeling based on your experience with one Person. The Person makes you feel comfortable and you wouldn‘t mind spending days / weeks together with this person. You feel special around him/her/ them.
And sometimes I also think Love is somehow a routine thing. It is just like he / she/ they always have eben there and I can‘t imagine a life without, because you are so used to the person beeing in your life and bringing you happiness

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Article 13 is going to affect all the countries is the European Union. I'm trying, as a citizen of one those countries, to do as much as I can so this DOES NOT HAPPEN. Please sign the petition... thank you:!

♥ Omby. ♥
They only debate wether they should do it or not. And they Reasons why they should this are quite understanable; it’s easy . The only Problem they have is the cooyright issue. Because simply to many people ignore copyright and just use the sound etc. And that is not good for YouTube, because they are the ones who have to pay for the dumbness of the people.Do you really believe they take the hole Internet and just shrink it to the pieces they want. First of all ; I think they have a Brain, I think they know that people don‘t aggree with that. You should inform yourself and not just believe what the media says...

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Hi, bin gerade im Aufbau einer Seite und wollte Deine Meinung dazu wissen.. Ein kurzer Satz wie Du es als Customer findest reicht vollkommen.. Ich danke Dir! Facebook: Instagram:

Also an sich nicht schlecht . Doch irgendwie finde ich das es auf dem Markt schon ziemlich vieler solcher Seiten gibt. Außerdem ist mir nicht ganz klar was du jetzt wirklich willst, also ähnelt es Amazon und wenn ja fehlt da eindeutig eine App.
Aber die Frage ist halt ob das mithalten kann und wozu man jetzt ein anderes bzw neueres braucht .

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