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opinion on alex Barlow?

Shes beautiful! I love her to death! Weve been best friends since we were born. Literally. I saw her sunday and ill see her again friday and saturday. Shes funny! We have so many childhood memories together! But weve grown apart:( but ill always love her and ill always be there for her if she needs me! I love youu!!(:
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How do you feel about gay marriage

I think if ur happy with the person u are marrying then u deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves love.

Who do u hate? (Girls)

Hate is a very strong word. So i don't hate any body i just strongly dislike some people

Honest long opinion on Robby.?

I miss him so much its un real! We used to be best friends but now were like strangers :( he's cute. He's soo sweet! And he doesnt care what people think about him witch is amazing!
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