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How do you cope up with your depression?

sabasohaib’s Profile PhotoSaba
Idk.. maybe I'm just going on until I can and not giving up or maybe I've just made up my mind that I'll accept everything happening and actually I don't think anymore about depression or that I'm depressed.. symptoms and side effects are there but they'll get better with time... But I coped up with it mostly by sleeping and eating a lot of junk ( I gained 12 kg🤦🏻‍♀️) and shopping... And you have to repeat the mantra in your head that it's going to be better even though it doesn't but you have to..

Normalise slapping running kids at weddings

Running kids are running because it's fun for em.. they won't be harming you in any way.. slapping them can never be a normal thing... It's the same like I'm having fun watching a movie and someone just slaps me because I'm having fun.. how'd I feel? Maybe traumatized..


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