Hi Roman. I wonder If Wwe Will come to sweden Petersson

You'd have to ask WWE. They book the tours.

Hi Roman I wanna take this opportunity to introduce myself. Well first off my name is Aly and I'm 11 Years old and let me just say I have to your biggest fan out there! I watch ever single Monday night raw and smack down and I'm such a big fan I order wrestlemania thanks you big fan Aly! aly mckendry

Thank you for your support, Aly. It means a lot.

hey roman whats the adress to send u something?? lacy

Send it to:
Roman Reigns
1241 East Main Street
Stamford, CT 06902

Did I do/say something to upset you? You've stopped answering me lately, so I was wondering. If so, I apologize. Stacy Holder

Not at all.

one day i will met you and i wanna say if the day that ill met you can you hit me with your Superman Punch on the face, dont worry you only need to call the ambulance hello from Spain 😃 Audi

I'd rather not punch you.

Hi, Roman! I was watching the other night, as usual, and wondering: does the idea of getting hurt in the ring ever scare you or worry you? Some of those moves you guys do make me cringe. Stacy Holder

No. I try not to think about it while in the ring.

Panthers or Broncos? Raz


Well, Jan 27th is around the corner... my birthday again...hope our Champ have a chance to reply his loyal fan... Wishing you the very best at Royal Rumble hun! Blessings! Gaby

So sorry I missed this. But happy belated birthday, Gaby. Hope you had a great day.

hey joe did u happen to see the pic I posted on ur twitter? Christina Burson

I don't think I did. I get so many mentions on Twitter that things get lost there. Sorry.

Hi Roman!!! Welcome to India😊hope you enjoy Indian food...lol😜Unfortunately I couldn't come to the event, I have my exams😭 anyways have a great fun Roman!!! Sapna priya

India was wonderful, thank you.

It's not easy being you. but I think your doing a great job tylin oakes


Hi Roman just popping on to wish you Good Luck for Royal Rumble match I know you can do it champ 💋💋 Michelle

Thanks so much, Michelle.

And thank you to you all for wishing me good luck tonight! I'd answer you all, but that would take forever.

I see every one say today she is birthday , and today it's my birthday and I love you I hope you answer me carly

Happy birthday, Carly.

Happy New Year Roman!! My friend Kim's b-day is on January 10th. I know you're super busy but I'd be forever grateful if you wish her a happy b-day on her special day. Thanks in advance! Take care champ!! Ariceli Medina

Happy Birthday, Kim. Have a great day.

Hi Roman! Today is my 16th birthday and I would be very happy congratulations from you because you're my idol, you're the best! Laura Jandi

Happy birthday, Laura.

Siobhan turned six yesterday! She got a bike and feels like a big girl now! Stacy Holder

Tell her, I wish her a happy birthday.

Hi roman today it's my 16th birthday Damiano Ternullo

I know I'm late on this, but happy belated birthday.

do you have facebook at all?? lacy

But it's run by WWE.

Merry Christmas Roman!!!!🎊🎄🎉 Sapna priya


Merry Christmas roman:) Aishwarya


Merry Christmas to you, your wife, and your daughter. May it be everything you could hope or dream, and may your happiness grow each Christmas. You've got strong shoulders, you can carry the weight of joy. Love from Avalon, Siobhan, and Stacy Stacy Holder

Hope you girls had a lovely Christmas.

HI Roman just wanted to say I love it when you won the title is was so happy, you are great to watch in the ring, I like the bad ass attitude of yours that can go through everyone, keep doing it, I have been your fan since day one, I hope you keep the title for a long time! Merry Christmas! Bernadette Quinteros

Thanks so much.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Roman to you and your family maryem_yousef

Thanks. Hope you had a good Christmas too.

What's write in ur t-shirt? Kamil


It's truly a blessing to watch u wrestle and being a part of it. i think you're doing great. you give us great entertainment with all u have. from the bottom of my heart. thank u roman tylin oakes

Thank you.


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